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expatriate insuranceLife is all about risks, but insurance is one of those things that we simply cannot risk going without. Identifying insurance specifically geared towards expatriates living here in Shenzhen is not easy.

As it turns out, brokers for Global Wealth Management, who was awarded expatriate insurer of the year for 2006, 2007 and 2008 by the prestigious World Insurer Awards will come to you and explain your options. Global Wealth Management was also awarded “Best Private Health Group” in 2010.

Global Wealth Management’s representative Josh Phillips explains, “If simply not having insurance is not enough of a reason to sign up, here are many reasons you should sign up today”.

Phillips goes on to point out, “Global Wealth Management’s range of international health, life and income protection plans offers one-stop shop convenience. Our affordable plans suit all budgets and our offer of child discounts of up to 50% for families on our health insurance plans just makes sense. When it comes time to settle claims we do this efficiently and swiftly, with payments made direct to the hospital or to your bank account.

Our plans are underwritten by Hauteville Insurance Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz, one of Europe’s leading insurance companies. We’re always available on the telephone to answer queries and our 24/7 world-wide emergency medical assistance service is supported by our own in-house team of qualified medical professionals. One of the reasons we keep winning awards is that our service is always personal, always knowledgeable, backed by our fully trained staff and the latest in information technology.”

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  1. Hi Lynell,

    If you provide me your contact details I can have an associate contact you…

  2. I’ve been perusing this web site for a long time yet this really is my first comment. I’m sorry in advance if it is too extensive… I’m approaching retirement- and would like to make certain that my retirement income doesn’t devalue. I do have plenty of money saved up in my I.R.A. but I have no desire to buy something chancy like stocks. I am not an expert on money and need some investment recommendations. What kind of investment can you suggest? I have been reading through a whole lot about Swiss annuities recently. . . and think they sound like a safe option. Is it a fact that they are really immune to bankruptcy and divorce proceedings? In addition, are the tax breaks that they present Western investors as good as advertised?

    • Lynell,

      The safest place for your funds right now is Silver, preferably one ounce silver eagles or maple leafs. I suggest contacting Kitco in Hong Kong they will explain how to open an account, deposit funds and pick up your silver. I suggest you place it in a Hong Kong safety deposit box in a bank like HSBC which requires a deposit fee of about HKD400 and an annual rental fee of about HKD400.

      Google uses for Silver, to help understand that its uses in manufacturing, medicine, jewellery and investment are all going increasing.

      Selling silver one ounce coins is easy with an ebay account and it sells for a premium to what you will buy it from Kitco.

      I must disclose that I have a lots of physical silver myself and am waiting for it to double, then triple on the way to USD100 per ounce. I expect silver to hit USD100 per ounce over the next two or three years.

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