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white horse laboratoriesShenzhen Standard: So Mr. Rinehart, please tell us a little about White Horse Laboratories.

Mark Rinehart: White Horse Laboratories is a Western-owned and operated independent testing lab operating in China. Our mission is to be our customers’ strategic partner, providing total operational and quality control services. By providing testing, inspection, packaging, and logistics services, we allow customers to focus on their core competencies while we take care of the rest. Our services include: Inspection, Testing, Factory & Supplier Audits, In-Process Quality Control, Packaging and Logistics.

Shenzhen Standard:Where is your office and laboratory located?

Mark Rinehart: Our office is located directly in Shenzhen’s Huaqiang Bei, the epicenter of China’s component-trading industry. Our primary test lab is separate from the administration and supplier interface facility to make sure that there is no interruption to lab scheduling or opportunities for suppliers to attempt or exert influence over lab results. The laboratory is close to the office, making logistics and processing time fast and efficient.

Shenzhen Standard: When did you establish White Horse Laboratories?

Mark Rinehart:We have been at the front lines since 2004, managing customers’ purchasing risk. Our team of highly-trained engineers, diligent inspectors, impeccable procedures, and dedicated customer service agents have set the standard in the industry. Doing so at the source of supply has only added to our credibility.

Shenzhen Standard:How do you see your role in the Quality Control Industry?

Mark Rinehart: By taking the lead in the quality control movement dedicated to independent distributors, White Horse has been proactive in sharing with the industry with what we do, how we do it and why those things are important. We explain everything, citing international standards where applicable, and define standards where none previously existed.

Shenzhen Standard:Have you thought about entering the sourcing side of the business?

Mark Rinehart: White Horse does not engage in sourcing components. The integrity of our clients’ intellectual property is of primary importance to every member of White Horse. Our customers have worked hard to establish their customer and supplier base, and those secrets are safe with us! We define ourselves, in every aspect of what we do, by our integrity.

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