Plant 10,000 Walnut Trees to Help 90 Families That Survived The 2008 Earthquake

In just two weeks, I will be visiting a remote part of Sichuan Province that was devastated by the May 2008 earthquake.  Thousands of people lost their lives in this very region.  The Chinese government has done a great job helping many families reconstruct their homes. However, many of those who survived don’t have enough income for life past their basic needs.  Only a fraction (1 in 20) of the children in these villages get the opportunity to attend high school.
In two weeks (January 26), Captivating will begin planting thousands of walnut trees in some of these villages.  These orchards, once mature, will provide an income for the families that live there.  They will be able to live with hope and know they can educate their children for a better life.  They will have a hand out of poverty. As a bonus, once the families receive a steady income, they will repay the original investment, enabling Captivating to fund orchards in surrounding villages.
As of today, we are still well short of our financing targets for this project.  We need your help today.  Please take a look at 3 groups that still need funding and the amounts we require.   No donation amount is too small and donations from Australia, Hong Kong and the US are tax deductible.  This is a wonderful poverty reduction strategy, but it cannot start without you.

Please help us by finding out more about these three groups, and making your donation:

Tang Jia Gou Sapling Project: planting 2,500 walnut tress to help 22 families and their 50 children http://captivating.org/project/details/12

Guan Zhuang Ping Sapling Project: planting 4,500 walnut tress to help 39 families and their 70 children http://captivating.org/project/details/13

Tu Ya Zi Sapling Project: planting 3,300 walnut trees to help 29 families and their 60 children http://captivating.org/project/details/14

Thank you for all you can do.

Andrew Colquhoun
Co-Founder & CEO
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