Consulates in Guangdong

Recently I have compiled a list of the consulates located in Guangdong. If anyone needs further information, just shot me a quick message.


Chancery: 12/F, Development Centre, No. 3 Linjiang Road, Zhujiang New City

Tel: +86-(0)20-38140111

Fax: +86-(0)20-38140112

E-mail: guangzhou.consular@dfat.gov.au

Website: http://www.guangzhou.china.embassy.gov.au/gzho/home.html


Chancery: Room 811, Garden Hotel (Tower), 368 Huangshi Road, E.

Tel: +86-(0)20-83338999-804/808

Fax: +86-(0)20-83879006

E-mail: cambodia@public.guanzhou.gd.cn


Chancery: Room 801, China Hotel Office Tower, Liuhua Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-86660569

Fax: +86-(0)20-86672401

E-mail: ganzu.consular-consulaire@international.gc.ca

Website: http://www.beijing.gc.ca/guangzhou/en/


Chancery: Room 1578, China Hotel Office Tower, Liuhua Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-86660795

Fax: +86-(0)20-86670315

E-mail: cangkl@um.dk

Website: http://www.gkguangzhou.um.dk/da


Chancery: Room 3309B-12, CITIC Plaza 233, Tian He Bei Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-3877 0188

Fax: +86-(0)20-3877 0288

E-mail: sanomat.kan@formin.fi

Website: www.finland.cn/zh


Chancery: Room 801, Main Building, GITIC Plaza, 339 Huangshi Dong Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-83303405

Fax: +86-(0)20-83303437

E-mail: info@consulfrance-canton.org

Website: http://www.ambafrance-cn.org


Chancery: 19/F, Guangdong International Hotel, 339 Huangshi Dong Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-83306533

Fax: +86-(0)20-83317033

E-mail: gkkanton@deguangzhou.org

Website: http://www.kanton.diplo.de/Vertretung/kanton/de/Startseite.html


Chancery: 2/F, Room 1201-1223, West Building, Dong Fang Hotel, 120 Liu Hua Road

Tel: +86-(0)20-86018772/8790/8870/8850

Fax: +86-(0)20-86018773


Chancery: Room 5207-08, Office Tower, CITIC Plaza Tower, 233 Tianhe Bei Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-38770556

Fax: +86-(0)20-38770270

E-mail: affariconsolari.canton@esteri.it

Website: www.itconsgz.org.cn


Chancery: 1/F Garden Hotel (Tower), 368 Huanshi Dong Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-83343009/3090

Fax: +86-(0)20-83338972

Website: http://www.guangzhou.cn.emb-japan.go.jp/cgjp_cn/


Chancery: Room 1915-18, CITIC Plaza Office Tower, 233 Tianhe Nan Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-87395660/1

Fax: +86-(0)20-87395669


Chancery: Room 905, Main Building, GITIC Plaza, 339 Huanshi Road, E., Guangzhou

Tel: +86-(0)20-83302067

Fax: +86-(0)20-83303601

E-mail: nedcons@gitic.com.cn

Website:  http://www.hollandinchina.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=”150&Itemid=”117


Chancery: Ground Floor, White Swan Hotel, Shamian Island

Tel: +86-(0)20-81886968

Fax: +86-(0)20-81862041

E-mail: gzphcggz@public1.guangzhou.gd.cn or konjen@public.guangzhou.gd.cn

Website: http://pcggz.bizhosting.com


Chancery: 63, Shanmian Main Street, Guangzhou

Tel: +86-(0)20-81861854

Fax: +86-(0)20-81862872

E-mail: polcogeca@public.guangzhou.gd.cn


Chancery: 18/F, W. Tower, International Trade Center, Tiyu Dong Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-38870555

Fax: +86-(0)20-38870923

E-mail: guangzhou@mofat.go.kr

Website: http://www.mofat.go.kr/mission/emb/embassy_en.mof?si_dcode=CN-GU


Chancery: Room 1002B-03, CITIC Plaza, No. 233, Tianhe Bei Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-38912383

Fax: +86-(0)20-38912100

E-mail: generalkonsulat.kanton@foreign.ministry.se

Website: www.swedenabroad.com/guangzhou


Chancery: Second Floor, Garden Hotel, 368 Huanshi Dong Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-83804277, 83338989

Fax: +86-(0)20-83889959, 83889567


Chancery: 2/F, Main Building, Guangdong International Hotel, 339 Huanshi Dong Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-83143000

Fax: +86-(0)20-83312799

E-mail: Guangzhou.Consular@fco.gov.uk

Website: http://www.uk.cn/


Chancery: 5/F, Tian Yu Garden (II Phase), 136-146 Lin He Zhong Lu, Tianhe District.

Tel: +86-(0)20-81218000

Fax: +86-(0)20-81219001

Website: http://guangzhou.usembassy-china.org.cn/


Chancery: 2/F B Building North, Hotel Landmark Canton Qiaoguang Lu

Tel: +86-(0)20-83305910/1, 83306801

Fax: +86-(0)20-83305915

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