El Divino Nightclub In Shenzhen

On numerous night-time escapades, we have either started or ended the night at El Divino. I have spent some time now thinking about what to say about this place and it’s hard because in my heart I like the place, but in reality, I don’t.

The venue is very original and well done, with its main areas – the business lounge, the club, the bar, the terrace and lastly its tapas venue. It’s a great idea to have dining, business, clubbing and socializing all tied into one venue.

However, there are some serious downsides to El Divino, about which I myself and numerous executives that I socialize with all agree. The concept is great but the location is wrong and they have priced themselves out of the market.

I mean who really wants to travel to the Free Trade Zone, go to a 4 star hotel and drink a bottle of Vodka for RMB800? The rooms in the Four Points Sheraton are cheaper than a bottle of Vodka at El Divino.

Now, this may appeal to some rich Hong Kong businessmen over for a weekend on “business,” but I don’t think this is the type of target market El divino is aiming for. In these tough economic times, I think some venue owners will need to start re-thinking their sales and marketing strategies to move towards finding a better balance between quality and quantity.

Once again I want to stress that the venue is great, the staff are also good – especially when compared to other places in Shenzhen. However. they need to look at their sales strategies and perhaps their promoters in order to better address the market.

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