Visa’s For China

There are Three Main Types of Visa Categories for China.

“L” Class Visa (Tourism Visa)

Used for single “Tourism” Trips into china, they usually only last 1 or 3 months with a single or limited multiple-entry into mainland China. People holding these visas are not allowed to work or conduct business inside of China whilst traveling on this visa.

“F” Class Visa (Business Visa)

Used for conducting Business in China, business is defined by an act of providing a service or product in which remuneration is not received in China.

These visas are usually issued for 3-6-12 Months with limited multiple or unlimited multiple entry with a set stay limit of 14-30-60-90-120 day stays (the visa holder must exit after the set about of days stated as maximum stay on the visa they are holding).

“Z” Class Visa

Used when an applicant has been sponsored by a legitimate Chinese company. These are very hard to obtain as there is a lot of paperwork. However they are very necessary if you are being remunerated inside of China. These usually have to be renewed every year with a new contract from the employer.

Special Visa available at border crossings

“Special Economic Zone Visas” are available for certain passport holder at border crossings such as Louhu. These are short stay (usually 3-5 days) single entry where you exit via the same port as entry, special zone only visas.

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  1. Hi,i have been living in China since 1997 and was employed by an Australian company,i have since retired from the company and i am married to a chinese lady and wish to get a 12 month multi entry visa,my ex company will not help me with my visa problem,can you please help me?

    • Max – you should be entitled to a 12 month multi entry L visa, which will not give you the right to work, because of your marriage to a Chinese lady. You should go to your local PSB and talk with them. I don’t have direct experience with it but I know there is something for your situation.

  2. Where do I go to get an F or L visa?

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