The Grand Hyatt Shenzhen “The Show Kitchen”

The last few weeks I have been lunching frequently at The Show Kitchen – all day dining in the new Grand Hyatt, Shenzhen. My friends and relatives think I have really moved up in the world, affording hotel buffet luncheons 3 times a week and not just any hotel but the GRAND HYATT!! I laugh and think, “if you only knew…” And you, my dear readers, will know soon. First, allow me to shed some light on this fantastic fare…

First: Location. We all know the 3 L’s of real estate and retail – “Location, location, location”. Well, The Show Kitchen most certainly has all 3. Located on the 32nd floor of the Grand Hyatt, the restaurant boasts a spectacular 180 degree view of Shenzhen, ranging from the soon to be diminished Di Wang Building, across to the ‘colorful’ areas of Louhu and over to the wet lands and mountains of New Territories.

Second, but by no means Secondary: Cuisine. Here it is “Quality, quality, quality,” and at the Show Kitchen, you can add an extra “quality” as the restaurant boasts 4… yes 4 different styles of cuisine at 4 different stations.

Start with fresh seafood accompanied by cold salads and cheese and bread ( The King Crab is amazingly yummy). Move onto the Chinese section with Beijing Duck, Crispy Pork, Dim Sum and various soups and other delectable and varied Chinese dishes. Next is the western, and this is killer. They have the usual western stuff: steak, lamb, stew, pizza and pasta, but you can also get mini burgers and… (wait for it)…  HOT DOGS!!!! Authentic, NY style Hot Dogs! Finish with the Japanese section, which has a selection of delicious hot dishes, sushi and soups.

And lastly: in Australia we have a very famous but utterly annoying commercial that goes “Tell ‘em the Price Sonnnnnnnn”… so I am here to now tell you the price.

Until 12th February it is only 98RMB. I know… its crazy!! After Chinese New Year, it will most likely revert back to the original price of 188RMB++, which is still excellent value.

I leave it to the taxi driver to get you there now. My job of reporting is done…..for now:)

Grand Hyatt Hotel - 32Floor
1881 Bao’An Nan Road, Luohu District
深圳, 广东省, China, 518001

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