The Kitchen Futian

The Kitchen Futian is a chic addition to the Shenzhen dining scene.  Tucked away in the new entertainment area of CoCo Park, The Kitchen features a cosmopolitan menu with European, Tex Mex, fish, pasta, steaks and vegetarian dishes supported by a large range of fine international wines and stylish desserts.

Design is modern chic with vivid red and black contrast in furniture and décor; The Kitchen provides a great value of fine cuisine offering comparable to many of the five star hotels in the area; the open kitchen concept allows you to see the hard working chefs preparing the elegant dishes.

The Kitchen also does take out and home delivery in parts of the surrounding Futian area and has the ability and resources to provide off-site catering for private or business parties. Open for lunch and dinner every day. Major credit cards are accepted.

The Kitchen is operated by prominent Shekou restrateurs Michele Leger (Casablanca) and Shirley Wu (Thai Orchid).  Their combined experience makes The Kitchen a pleasant and memorable dining experience.


phone number: (0755) 2531-3860

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  1. As soon as I found out that the Nachos at Xpats came from The Kitchen I was gutted. I don’t care who is married to who. Improve the f*cking Nachos!

  2. The Nachos are too friggin’ dry!!!! Get a lighter and crisper brand of corn chips and add more cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole.
    It feels like you’re scrimping on the toppings.
    Raise the price if you have to. I’d rather pay more for good nachos than less for bad ones.
    Really, Hear me! I am not alone in this critique of your Nachos.

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