Increase Your Nutrition Knowledge In Shenzhen

There are two simple things to remember about good nutrition:

1. Eat five or six small meals a day.

2. Make sure each meal has some protein.

Here are some meal suggestions:

  • Half of a whole wheat bagel with a tablespoon of peanut butter
  • One and a half cups of oatmeal, a banana and 3 scrambled egg whites
  • Nonfat cottage cheese and fresh fruit
  • Protein shake with protein powder, fresh fruit, and soy milk
  • Half a baked potato, skinless chicken breast, three cups of salad and vegetables.

Some interesting tips to help lose weight:

If possible, include spices with your meal. The following have a thermogenic (fat-burning) effect: Ginger, cloves, cayenne, coriander, bay leaves, dry mustard and cinnamon. *Note: If you want to increase metabolism naturally, you can’t beat cinnamon. Just a quarter teaspoon taken with food will increase your metabolism twenty-fold. Put some in your protein shake.

Drink lots of water. How much? At least 8 cups of water. Drink more when you exercise. If possible drink ice water. Drinking ice water will burn off  additional calories.

Move! Fidgeters burn more calories then non-fidgeters. You can’t will yourself to be a “fidgeter” since it is involuntary by definition. You can will yourself to move. Moving around in your seat, getting up  from your seat and stretching can burn up to an additional 800 calories a day.

Chew Gum. Yes, it takes energy to chew gum, which means it burns calories. It is estimated that if you chew gum during your waking hours you would lose up to ten pounds of body fat a year from that activity. Just make sure the gum you’re chewing is non-caloric.

Breathe! Breathing deeply and naturally will have a beneficial influence on metabolism. Try some some power yoga breathing exercise to increase metabolism naturally. *Note: I’m not claiming that you can tone up or lose weight by deep breathing exercises alone. Correct breathing is just one of the tools in the toolbox.

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  1. Smoothie Factory in Coastal City has the BEST! Can also buy protein there

  2. Would be great to know if there is a good place to get protein shakes and other products in Shekou that isn’t too expensive.

    • I just tried a new recipe using Gold Standard protein mix I got from Iron Dungeon…

      1 scoop protein (Gold Standard Double Chocolate)
      1 cup milk (Kowloon Dairy Lowfat)
      1 cup red fruits juice (Dimes, available at Ole supermarket and some other locations).
      1 teaspoon ground coffee beans (I used a Balinese coffee but any good ground beans should do.)


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