Spending Chinese New Year In Shenzhen

Well, it’s come that time of the year again – Oriental Christmas and New Year. For us Expats living in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, we have come to accept and respect this fine holiday.

I am sure most of us are aware that we have to accept the unwritten traveling rules during this period. With hoards of people sometimes numbering into the 100,000′s in more rural areas queuing up for bus, train, plane and what ever other means of transportation are available. Many of us Expats are sitting back in a pub somewhere thinking about times gone by or, on a nice economy flight, getting the hell off this here rock.

I guess I am one of those sitting at the local pub with a few other “lone” or “just too busy to get away” Expats talking about times gone by. I actually enjoy staying in Shenzhen for the New Year Festivities. I find it fun to go to the flower and fish market, hang around the ghost town shopping centers and get a few bargains here and there, and not having to wait in line for an hour to get a cinema ticket. Best of all, I will still be the only person in the VIP cinema on tight-arse Tuesdays (for the non-Aussies, that means half price Tuesday).

I have, over the years, morphed my X-mas holidays into Chinese New Years. I usually only go home for four days for X-mas now. I am a typical childless Expat, I guess, so I have “Lost that Loving Feeling” for Western holidays and adopted a laziness for Chinese ones.

So I guess my little ramble is over. Everyone have a safe and wonderful Chinese New Year break and we will see you bright eyed and ready for a “New Year” of business!

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  1. Happy New Year to everyone.

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