DaJuYuan Station 大剧院站

DaJuYuan Station 大剧院站

Exit B

* Dengxiaoping Portrait (邓小平画像)

* Huanyu Hotel (寰宇大酒店)

* Lizhi Park (荔枝公园)

* News Building (新闻大厦)

* Shennan Lu, North Side (深南中路北侧)

* Shenzhen Grand Theater (深圳大剧院)

* Teenager’s Activity Center (青少年活动中心)

Exit C1

* Hongling Road (红岭路)

* Hotel Oriental Regent (晶都酒店)

* Pingle Orthopedic Hospital (平乐骨伤科医院)

* Shennan Lu, South Side (深南中路北侧)

* Shenzhen Development Bank (深圳市发展银行)

* Yunpeng Hotel (云鹏大酒店)

* Shenzhen Stock Exchange (深圳证券交易所)

Exit C2

* DBS Bank, Shenzhen Branch (星展银行深圳分行)

* Kemei Clinic (科美医疗)

* Shennan Lu, South Side (深南中路北侧)

* Shenzhen Book City (深圳书城)

Exit C3

* China Resources Building (华润大厦)

* City Square (城市天地广场)

* Diwang Building (地王大厦)

* The MiXc (万象城)

* Shennan Lu, North Side (深南中路北侧)

* Shun Hing Square (信兴广场)

* Shenzhen Sun Hospital (深圳阳光医院)

* Shun Hing Square (信兴广场)

Exit D

* Bao’an Nan Lu (宝安南路)

* Caiwuwei Hotel (蔡屋围大酒店)

* Diwang Building (地王大厦)

* Hubei Hotel (湖北宾馆)

* Jiefang Road (解放路)

* Shenzhen Electric Supply Bureau (市供电局)

* Shenzhen Meteorological Administration (市气象局)

* Shenzhen Public Security Bureau (市公安局)

* Shenzhen University of Broadcasting & Television (市广播电视大学)

* Shun Hing Square (信兴广场)

* Zhenye Building (振业大厦)

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