HuaQiang Road Station 华强路站

HuaQiang Road Station 华强路站

Exit A

* Electronics & Technology Building (电子科技大厦)

* Electronics Building (电子大厦)

* Fashion 18.28 Department Store (流行18.28商场)

* Bank of Communication Huaqiang Branch (交通银行华强支行)

* C-Mall (铜锣湾广场)

* Huaqiang Electronics World (华强电子世界)

* Huaqiang Lu (North) (华强北路)

* Huaqiang Metro Plaza (Fashion) (华强地铁商场)

* Moi Department Store Huaqing Bei Store (茂业百货华强北店)

* SEGE (Saige) Plaza (赛格广场)

* Women’s World (女人世界(NICO名店)

Exit B

* Huaqiang Metro Plaza (Fashion) (华强地铁商场)

* Central (Zhongxin) Park (中心公园)

* Grand Skylight Garden Hotel (格兰云天大酒店)

* Huafu Lu (North) (华富北路)

* Rainbow Department Store (天虹商场)

* Shanghai Hotel (上海宾馆)

* Tianmian Xincun (田面新村)

* Zhonghang Lu (中航路)

* Zhongxin (Central) Park (中心公园)

Exit C

* Beifang Building (北方大厦)

* Fuhong Road (福虹路)

* Futian Middle School (福田中学)

* Huafu Lu (South) (华富南路)

* International Business Plaza (世贸广场)

* International Technology Building (国际科技大厦)

* Shenzhen City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (市中医院)

Exit D

* Hualianfa Industrial Building (华联发工业大厦)

* Huaqiang Lu (South) (华强南路)

* Huaqiang Metro Plaza (Electronics) (华强地铁商场)

* Norinco Hotel (北方大酒店)

* Xili Hotel (西丽大酒店)

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