Shenzhen Transport card (Shenzhentong Ka)

The Shenzhen Tong Card is Shenzhen’s public transport card. The card can be used for all metro travel, all bus travel and a few taxis (about 100 taxis out of 11,000 on the roads is trialing at the moment).

The card can also be used in various one stop shops like Vingo, some 7-11′s and some Chinese branded stores. Although it is the same system as HK’s Octopus Card, it is still not as readily usable as it is in HK. However, it is slowly building up momentum and by the time of the University games, the system should be available for use in places such as KFC and McDonald’s.

There has also been a major move recently to combine the Octopus System and the Shenzhen Tong System, with a trial of dual chip cards that can be used on both sides of the boarder. This should also be complete by the time the University games comes along.

To purchase a Shenzhen Tong Card, go to any booth at any Metro Station and ask for a “Shenzhen Tong ka.” Give them 100rmb. The metro workers will put 50RMB down as deposit and put 50RMB credit in the card. The deposit will be given back to you when you return the card (obviously, only if you are desperate for money or leaving Shenzhen for an extended period of time).

When you use the card, you get a little less than 10% discount on your travel, which over the years adds up. The main convenience, however, is that you don’t need to change cards and you don’t need to worry about losing the little green token on the metro.

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  1. I just found this article on “The Standard” in HK. very interesting that they have now decided to fully intergrate both cards. This is really good news for the development of the shenzhen and Hong Kong Megacity.

    `Super-Shenzhen’ Octopus out soon -

    Thursday, April 01, 2010

    Hong Kong’s Octopus card and the Shenzhen Tong – the neighboring city’s smart card – will be interchangeable by the end of this year, according to the Octopus Card Company.

    The Shenzhen Science & Technology, Industry, Trade and Information commission deputy officer Lu Jian told the mainland media yesterday the technical problem between the two cards has been solved.

    He said the problem related to the differences in the two systems, as well as the currencies in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. With the problem solved, the Octopus card can be used in Shenzhen soon, he added.

    However, an Octopus spokesman said the interchangeable card is not expected to be available until the end of the year at the earliest.


    He said the company had formed a working group with Shenzhen Tong to examine the possibility of integrating the two cards and the group is now focusing on the technological area.

    “The exact timing to sell the integrated card must be decided by the result of technological research and business arrangements,” he said.

    Octopus had been holding talks with the Shenzhen Tong company for years over an integrated card.

    The two companies have already discussed issues such as security and financing, but the difficulties were on how to upgrade software to smooth integration.

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