Choosing an AYI or babysitter

Since more injuries occur inside the home than any other location, “Ayi’s” and babysitters should have first aid training and the maturity to handle an emergency.

The following are tips on choosing and orientating a nanny or babysitter:

Choose nannies/babysitters who demonstrate knowledge on how to prevent injuries.  They should have taken first aid training or a nanny/babysitting course that includes first aid.

Orient a new nanny/babysitter to your home.  Show the him/her the first aid supplies, a book or sheet with emergency telephone numbers, the escape plan in case of fire and how to control heat, stove, lights and fuse box.

  • Take your nanny/babysitter to your local hospital or clinic so that they know exactly where to take the child if the parent or parents cannot be reached.
  • The nanny/babysitter should not smoke.  Smoking is a fire and health hazard.  In addition, smoking may cause or worsen children’s colds, flu, asthma and bronchitis.
  • Nannies and babysitters should not be expected to do chores.  Their concern is for the safety of the child.
  • Check out your nanny/babysitter thoroughly.  Make unscheduled visits home until you are sure you can trust them.
  • Be clear about activities and areas that are off limits to children.
  • Leave the telephone number where you will be and the number of a neighbor who could be of assistance in an emergency – keep this by your telephone.
  • After the children are put to bed, the nanny/sitter should check them at least hourly.
  • Make it clear that the nanny/babysitter should not sleep.
  • The nanny/babysitter should not be allowed to entertain friends.  He or she is hired to do a job and should not be distracted.
  • The telephone should not be used for personal calls.  It is for emergency use only.
  • The nanny/babysitter should know what the child is doing at all times.
  • If possible, avoid asking the nanny or babysitter to give medicine.  If you must, give them careful instructions.

Other than training centers in Hong Kong, first aid training in Shenzhen for parents & “Ayi’s” in English & Chinese is only offered by International SOS. Their one-day AHA certified First Aid Training is specifically designed for child minders and drivers. It is offered twice yearly-   Contact International SOS for more details: shekou.clinic@internationalsos.com

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