Ko Chang Cruising Rally

Ahoy Shipmates, new experiences can provide a person with a whole new outlook on life. Many of our sailing school students are first time or novice  sailors and it is always fun to watch as they become aware of the life style possibilities that await the cruising sailor.

If you have never had a chance to experience the pleasures of live aboard cruising before (or even if you have), then don’t miss out as we prepare for this year’s spectacular Ko Chang Cruising Rally. Join us aboard White Sealour 52’ Wharram designed catamaran as we explore the islands, beaches and waterways of the amazing Ko Chang archipelago. As the blue water miles slide beneath twin keels, you will begin to experience first hand the reason that a lot of us go to sea… it is a great way to escape the rat race and gain perspective on our lives.

Book a cabin or sleep out on deck. I will be aboard and tasked with the role of “Entertainment Officer” for the event. Participants have much to look forward to in the line of fun and games! Mostly, I am really looking forward to the chance to sail around these beautiful islands and unwind with some friends and a few cold drinks. I hope you will be able to come along.

Join-in aboard “White Seal” Ko Chang Cruising Rally

Apr.11-Day 1: 11:00 a.m. Shuttle depart- Ocean Marina to Ko Chang & Welcome Aboard

12-Day 2: Island Cruising & Ko Mak Pool Bar Beach Party

13-Day 3: Island Cruising & Ko Kut Fishing Village Party

14-Day 4: Island Cruising & Captain Hooks Resort Party

15-Day 5: Island Cruising & Ko Rang Beach Party

16-Day 6: Return to base & shuttle- Ko Chang to Ocean Marina- arrive 15:00 Cabin/deck space available NOW.

Contact for all the details <mailto:tim@gulfchartersthailand.com>

We have many graduates that have continued to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of yachting endeavors. We are always interested in hearing about your adventures in racing, cruising or ownership.

Please keep us posted on your latest watery adventures. We are proud of you and can use your story to encourage and enlighten our recent graduates! The best way to keep up the skills you have developed in our training program is to get out on the water and now we want to hear about YOUR adventures.

As always, the best time to attend our IYT certificate courses is NOW!

We have sailing school classes running Mar.13-26 and April 20 – May 04.  The April/May program will include the Top of the Gulf Regatta during the Bareboat Captains portion of the course and this program has been very successful in the past.

There will also be space available for those who would like to join-in aboard the Gulf Charters Sailing School yacht. This is a great way to get some first hand experience while racing in a world class regatta event. Details will follow in this months GCT Events mailer.

Please contact me directly for more info about our upcoming sailing courses and events.

Request a copy of our e-brochure which includes current course schedule and pricing.

We have a lot going on here at Gulf Charters Thailand and encourage you to stay involved.

Take a sailing course, join in one of our cool sailing events, charter a yacht in Ko Chang or Ko Samui or become the proud owner of your own yacht.

We are here to promote and assist you to get involved in the world of yachting. We will always be happy to share our experience and knowledge in order to ensure that our customers get the most from the time they spend on the water. Let us know how we can help. See you out on the water.

  • Join-in Songkran Cruising Rally – April 11-16. Big Fun!!!
  • Zero to Hero: Mar.13-26 – Any last minute sign ups?
  • Special in April: Apr. 20-May-04 Zero to Hero course includes the world famous Top of the Gulf Regatta <http://www.topofthegulfregatta.com>
  • 5Day IYT Certificate courses- IYT Crew, Watchkeeper & Bareboat Captain held every month at Ocean Marina.
  • Request our e-brochure <mailto:tim@gulfchartersthailand.com> for details, schedule & cost.

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