The Snake Pit’s 1st Annual QSI/SIS Public charity fundraiser & OPEN MIC NIGHT!

If you were there, I think you will agree it was a good night for all in attendance.

The food was good and plentiful – thanks to our sponsors and the Pit staff and members.

Gypsy’s, Mama’s, Tasca, McCawley’s, Nepal and Sam’s Coffee and Bakery all showed their civic spirit by their support to the event, especially under the short notice given to them.

The drinks flowed freely – thanks to donations by Unigroup Worldwide for the draft beer and Aulon Wine bar for the wonderful Sangria supplied pitcher after pitcher.

The entertainment and open mic that continued until the early morning was enjoyed by all and was a real addition to the festive atmosphere. Thanks to all who participated.

Very special thanks to Dan Pippin & Glenn Philips for all their efforts. How fortunate that Michael Weitnauer was in the house to talk about his recent disaster relief trip to Haiti.

Special thanks to the staff members of SIS and QSI schools for their collective efforts in making this happen.

And most importantly, thanks to Kate Rowan and her company – Recognize – for her vision, guidance and allowing the Snake Pit to host this wonderful night for such a worthy cause.

The Snake Pit has a history of involvement in charitable events and civic support. If in the future you have a cause you wish to support, please contact the Snake Pit committee so we can work with you to support your efforts.

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