Shenzhen Standard’s Year Of The Ox Awards

With year of the Ox having just passed, it is time to award those businesses that have have provide great food, drink and music in a great environment the much needed credit they deserve.  Shenzhen Standard’s readers have all been requested to offer their comments and conclusions as to who is the best.

In the Year Of The Ox Award’s “Best Irish Pub” category McCawley’s is the 900 pound gorilla of the group. Not content to dominate  the Shekou Irish Pub scene, they have opened their Futian Pub with what has been rumored to be an investment of 3,500,000 RMB.  Some even go so far as to describe the Futian pub as a work of art.  Whichever way you look at it, it would be a brave investor that went head-to head with John and Kevin and their ever expanding McCawley’s empire.

In the Year Of The Ox Awards “Best New Sports Bar” category, Cheers Sports Bar has a nice cult following, especially amongst the American community and sports lovers in general. If you are looking to catch basketball, gridiron or UFC when everyone else is asleep in bed, then rest assured that Cheers is open and you can get your fix at whatever ungodly hour it is on. They seem to be pretty pleased with their baby back ribs as well and challenge all comers to confirm that their ribs are the best in Shenzhen.

In the Year Of The Ox Awards “Best Pizza” category, we need look no further than Thomson “The Godfather of Pizza” Ly and NYPD Pizza. While the interpretation of whose pizza is best is very subjective, NYPD won out overall.  The non-American community voted heavily for other pizza providers too. However, Thomson still polled well amongst non-American Pizza eaters and dominated amongst American pizza eaters. When we factored in just how much pizza the Americans eat it got NYPD over the line.

In the Year Of The Ox Awards “Best Wine Bar” category Aulon Wine Bar delivered the best value for money with great wines at great prices in a lounge environment. Their delivery times won out regardless of whether it was a bottle or  a case of wine.

In the Year Of The Ox Awards “Best Middle Eastern Bar” category, Jordans was the stand-out winner with his XXXXX pizza and his mint coffee. For those that wanted a Hooka as well, they were the default place to get a decent Hooka at a reasonable price.

In the Year Of The Ox Awards “Best Restaurant” category, Xavier does it again at Gypsy’s.  His competitors can’t seem to replicate his ability to provide consistent levels of great food at prices that are acceptable especially when factoring the quality of the ingredients used in his offerings.

In the Year Of The Ox Awards “Best New Restaurant” category, The Nepalese restaurant wins out as they opened not just one but two restaurants in the Year of the Ox.  Their great flavors, portion sizes and authentically themed restaurant won many admirers.

We thanks our readers for their comments and assistance in identifying the unsung hero’s of where to go to eat and drink and enjoy the experience in The Year of the Ox.

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  1. Arthur N. Digwell

    Hooray! Sensational stuff! And as a Shekou-ite (or is that Shekounian?), I’m flushed with pride that the major award winners are all from our little corner of the world.

    Perhaps we should spare a thought for the runners-up in each of the prescribed categories e.g. second Best Irish Bar (?), second Best Wine Bar (??), second Best Pizza (after all, we don’t know the owners of Papa John’s), Best Middle Eastern Bar (yeah, I know, Chook’s an Aussie), and Best New Sports Bar (remembering, of course, that X-ta-sea is an old sports bar).

    You’ve gotta love awards, don’t you?

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