The Best Way to Ruin Your Applications

Congratulations, my friend, because I’m about to save you the trouble of making the worst possible mistake you could ever make on your applications to elite western universities.

Are you ready? Here it comes. The best way to RUIN your chances of getting into a top school is…letting someone else write your essays.

Whoa, strange advice, huh? If you’re a foreigner reading this, you might think the idea crazy. But if you’re a Shenzhen student, you know very well that many students pay others to write their application essays for them.

Honesty and integrity aside, however, there’s a very real reason why hiring someone to write your essays is a terrible idea. First though, let’s talk about the reasons for committing such an expulsion-worthy crime.

Foreign languages are hard. To think that you could describe all the luminous fragments of your life in a 500-word essay written in a foreign language, well that’s just crazy. If I had to attempt that in Chinese, I’d be in trouble, that’s for sure, and I’m sure you might be thinking the very same.

However, the true reason why you MUST write your essay yourself, is because no one else in the world has the ability to tell your life story the way that you do. They can’t possibly understand what makes you so unique. They’ll never know why your first literature class was the greatest experience of your life. They’ll never be able to convey to an admissions officer why you’re so desperate to study in a school with small class sizes.

Here’s the best part though…you do NOT have to write your essay in English! Write it in Chinese! Write in the language in which you feel the most comfortable, because then your essay will be more honest, more beautiful, and more memorable. Then, when it comes time to submit the essay, translate it into English yourself. Not so beautiful anymore, huh? No problem! Ask a foreign teacher to polish your essay. Most teachers will be more than happy to help you make your essay a work of art.

Trust me, if you hire someone to write a contrived, template-style essay for you, you’ll come off appearing like a boring, contrived student. You’re a unique, special kid. Tell your story. You’re the only person who can.

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