Who Wants Free Money?

Congratulations! If you read my column regularly, then you undoubtedly just received your acceptance packets from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. Nice work, cowboy! 

For those of you lucky enough to have filthy rich parents, you’ve got an easy, fun road ahead of you. Choose your dorms. Talk to your roommate on the phone. Google pictures of Duke’s cheerleaders (ugh). 

For those of you who aren’t quite so fortunate, you might be dealing with the stress of having to make sure you’ve got a bank account with US$50,000 in it so you can get your student visa. Believe you me, brother, I feel your pain. I was in the same boat just a few years ago, wondering if I’d ever have enough cash to eat anything other than instant noodles and store-brand orange soda. 

Lucky for you though, I’m about to clue you in to a major source of cashflow for poor college students (and smart, rich students who want their parents to be proud of them). ScholarshipExperts.com and FastWeb.com. Check em’ out, immediately. Both of these websites list, literally, millions of scholarships available to students all across the world. All you’ve got to do is fill out a profile and they’ll match you with the scholarships you have a chance of winning. 

Personally, I think ScholarshipExperts.com is better. However, I’ve got to say, FastWeb has been around for a looooong time. In fact, I myself earned two scholarships from that site back when I was in high school! That site basically paid for my TV, my girlfriend’s birthday gifts, and every good party that I ever threw in college. 

Now, not every one of those scholarships is an amazing, tuition-decimating money bomb that arrives in one of those giant one-meter checks. Some are modest little $500 boosts to keep your mind on the books and not your bank account. Trust me though, there will be times in college when $500 seems like a HUGE amount. 

So do yourself, and your parents, a favor and check out FastWeb and ScholarshipExperts. You’ve already got five awesome application essays written. Why not get paid for them?

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