Top-5 Coolest Things That Will Happen Your Freshman Year

If you regularly read this column, then chances are you’ll be receiving a nice, big, fat acceptance letter in the mail sometime in the next few weeks. You’ll scream, dance around, and then run and show your parents. You’ll call up your best friend and gloat, then go out to dinner to celebrate.

About the time that you receive your housing assignment and your freshman roommate (pray that she’s not a messy one), you’re going to start wondering what freshman year is actually going to be like. Well lucky for you, I’m going to tell you.

Here are the top-5 coolest things that will undoubtedly happen to you in your first year overseas.

1. You’ll discover piles and piles of new music

One of the best things about living in the west is that there are tons of people who love music in ways that you can’t even comprehend. We simply have so much of it. Want to be the coolest kid in your dorm? Start by listening to albums by Miles Davis, Kings of Leon, and Pink Floyd. Trust me, you’ll undoubtedly be the coolest international student around.

2. You’ll realize that being smart is cool

A funny thing happens between high school and college. In college, being really smart is respected, but also makes people jealous. Kids might make fun of you – call you a bookworm. Not in college though. In college, intelligence is sexy. When you’re a super-smart student who’s passionately devoted to some esoteric subject that you love, you’re always the highest status person in the room.

3. You’ll see some crazy parties

College in the West goes hand-in-hand with what we call “binge drinking.” In the UK, more than half of all students drink alcohol with the intention of getting ludicrously drunk at least once every two weeks. In the US, 44%. Yes, that means tons of dancing and crazy parties. However, always be smart and safe. I won’t tell you what’s right or wrong, but I will remind you that you can completely screw your life up if you party too much. And remember that being caught underaged (under 21) in a bar in the US can get you deported.

4. You’ll call home crying, thinking school is just too hard, but it won’t matter

Trust me, this happens to everyone during freshman year. It’s a tough period for every young person, even those who aren’t living in a foreign country. Keep working hard and you’ll be alright. I suggest taking the edge off by visiting your local Asian Foods Market for some red bean ice cream. Then when you get back that 4.0 GPA, you’ll be a whole new person.

5. You’ll stay up all night for no reason at all

With all of this newfound freedom, good music, intelligent friends, a light lager or two and a pile of shared experiences coursing through your veins, don’t be surprised when you and your new friends find yourselves fighting over politics and Will Ferrell movies while slurping up greasy diner food at 5AM.

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