Shenzhen Investors Must Buy Silver Now

Investors looking for an intelligent place to invest their hard earned funds, in these turbulent times, need look no further than silver. Over the next decade, an additional  300 million ounces of silver will be required due to increased use in solar panels, RFID tags, wood preservatives, ID cards and most importantly, medical use.

The use of silver is medicine is all due to silvers’ use as a biocide which means it inhibits bacteria. So silver products are spore-free, mucus-free, germ-free, infection-free, fungus-free and most importantly virus-free. Silver is required in the care of wounds and many other medical uses as well as food hygiene.

The fastest growing use of silver is for clothing in anti-odor and anti-germ products.  Annual silver demand will increase by thousands of tons due to these ever growing demands. Silver is under $18 per ounce, so buy physical silver now!

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  1. Silver facts

    Silver consumption for the following is increasing: medical, electronics, food processing, water treatment, paper, building materials, wood preservation, textiles, consumer products, bandages, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, make up.

    Investment demand in silver coins is roaring, the U.S. Mint sold more one-ounce Silver Eagles in January than in any other month since they began creating them in 1986.

    China’s net imports of silver quadrupled in 2010.

    Total global demand for silver is about 900 million ounces a year while total mine production is about 700 million ounces a year.

  2. One year ago I suggested investors buy silver at under USD18 per ounce, today the spot rate is USD38.67 that’s a 114% return. Once again I say buy silver immediately as the price hasn’t even started moving.

  3. All – many people have been asking how to buy silver. Peter Schiff’s company Euro Pacific Metals we’ve had a good experience with and in particular Anthony Bevilaqua is very easy to work with and has experience shipping physical silver and gold to Hong Kong. You can tell him you were recommended by me. Their website is http://europacmetals.com/.

    • Buying Silver from Peter Schiffs company was a very enjoyable experience. To those that may be buying largish quantities remember that 500 ounces is real heavy, especially as the weight is concentrated in a small area.

  4. I like Peter Schiff’s approach that physical precious metals should be 5-10% of one’s portfolio. http://www.europacmetals.com/

  5. where can I buy silver?

  6. I agree that SILVER is tremenously under valued…… better to dip in now than wait for the price to double…..


    • Historically it has traded 15:1 Gold to Silver so expecting Silver to hit USD100 per ounce is not unreasonable. I’m buying physical silver as fast as I can afford it.

  7. The window to buy silver may not be here for much longer those that want to be part of that first “roar” should buy as soon as possible.

    The world’s leading commodities investor, Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings said, “Investors should sell bonds and buy commodities like silver and rice as a “refuge” as the world economy may continue having problems”.

    Rogers who was recently in Kuala Lumpur said, “You should own commodities because that’s your only refuge”. Rogers predicted the start of the global commodities rally in 1999.

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