Shekou Ferry Terminal

Arrive at Shekou Ferry terminal by bus, taxi or foot and enter the main building. For tickets to Hong Kong Airport, Central, Kowloon and Macau, head to the counter all the way to the left of the building towards the left of the staircase.

Hong Kong Central, Kowloon, Macau Purchase your ticket (between 100-200RMB depending on destination) and wait for your trip to be announced on the PA system. There is also a sign on the wall to the right of the stairs showing which trips that are boarding. You can get immigration cards at the small stand where the attendants accept tickets – say ‘Ni hao,’ move your hands like your signing a cheque and ask the attendant for a ‘chu jing ka’

There will be a gathering of people at the bottom of the stairs around 30 minutes prior to your trip departure. Line up here (or wait for the line to go through) then hand the attendant your ticket – he will rip part of it off and hand you the receipt. Keep the receipt handy as you will use it again when boarding the boat. Proceed up the stairs. If you are carrying large and heavy bags, this will require some effort or assistance as there are two medium length flights of stairs to ascend. If you are unable to carry them yourself (or find a friendly helper) the attendants will help.

Line up at immigration and fill in your ‘chu jing ka’ if you haven’t already. These immigration cards are also available on the second floor, along with pens for filling them in. Proceed to immigration and after clearing put your bags through the scanner, proceed straight ahead. To the right where you will find the waiting area. Be sure to board the correct boat for your destination. There will be an attendant at the stairs going down to your boat who will ask for your receipt to ensure your destination. Those with large baggage have one more flight of stairs here.

Get on the boat, grab a seat, maybe buy some tea or snacks and enjoy the ride. You can get entry cards for Hong Kong or Macau on board the boat – fill these out during the trip to avoid scrambling last minute. Trips are between 50 and 80 minutes, depending on destination.

Hong Kong Airport Arrive early to ensure space on the trip or book tickets in advance, online or with a travel agent. Arriving 3 hours before your flight is recommendable. Tickets for the airport are purchased at the same counter area as those for Central, Kowloon, etc.
After purchasing your ticket, proceed to the check-in area between the stairs and the restaurant. Here, you can check in the bags for your flight and pre-clear Hong Kong immigration. Show your flight ticket and passport here while checking your bags. After checking in, follow the same procedure as if traveling to Hong Kong Central/Kowloon.

Zhuhai If you are heading to Zhuhai, head far right and back into the building. On the left is the ticket counter. Simply purchase your ticket (around 110RMB) and wait for your boat to be called. Board the boat. The trip takes around 75 minutes.

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