CCIFC-SZ Training on Excel for Finance: From Layout to Advanced Formulas

The French and the German Chambers of Commerce in Shenzhen

have organized a training in English on :

Excel for finance:
From layout to advanced formulas

In this training, we will introduce a logic approach for using Excel 2007 for finance. In addition to the explanation of classical functions in Excel 2007, we will insist on the logic for constructing files, for using formulas and for checking data.

The training is divided in two independent and complementary modules and will be based on a practical approach and exercises. A detailed training support will be given for each module in order to easily find out all the steps introduced during the exploration.

Public profile:

•Finance Staffs
In finance department, anyone has to use Excel more or less intensively. Such a training will improve the efficiency of each finance department employee and so the global efficiency of the finance department.

•Excel Users
Using Excel in a proper way allows both to avoid mistakes and to save time. The Excel logic introduced here – both for creating official documents and for using tables – can be useful for anyone using Excel and especially for sales and purchases departments. Even if the examples are based on finance issues, they can be adapted to other issues.

Required level:

Intermediate in Excel, no level required in finance. However, examples will be more eloquent for people with finance background.

Objectives and Contents:

  • Use Excel 2007 as a powerful software and not as a simple board.
  • Define a logical framework for using Excel.
  • Develop logical and readable Excel workbooks and documents.
  • Use formulas for improving automation – from the simple sum to personalized macro functions.

Training Program

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Module 1 – Excel for finance – A “ready to use” framework

- Develop a friendly framework for working in Excel.
- Understand files / fill databases / make modifications
- Create well-organized working files (databases) and official documents (invoice, purchase order,…).

Module 2 - Excel for finance – formulas, reporting and graphs

- Find the formulas answering to your issue.
- Create safe working files.
- Create reporting and graphs which will properly illustrate your problematic.
- Detect when a macro function can solve your problem.

The two modules are independent, but related, and we recommend to attend to the full day training.

Trainer profile

Nicolas Rousseau-Chenu is director of FALINWA Ltd.

*PhD in financial mathematics and business school graduate.
*Training Experience: 4 years teaching at university / international conferences.
*FALINWA Limited is a consulting firm providing financial solutions for SMEs:
o finance direction outsourcing.
o implementation of financial management in SME.
o finance mission / business plan for new firms, new projects.
o training (finance, excel, mathematics).

- I N F O R M A T I O N -

Time: Tuesday, May 18th

Module 1 9:00am to 1:00pm
Module 2 2:00pm to 6:00pm


CCIFC Shenzhen
Room 318, 3/F, Chinese Overseas Scholars Venture Building,
High-tech Industry Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Language English


CCIFC Member: 800 RMB/pers./module. 
20%OFF for registration to the 2 modules: 1280RMB for Mod.1 + Mod. 2

Non Member: 1200 RMB/pers./module
20%OFF for registration to the 2 modules: 1920RMB for Mod.1 + Mod. 2

CCIFC offers reduction for 2 persons and more, from the same company, who registered to the same module (module 1 or/and module 2):
5%off for two persons
10%off for three persons
15%off for four and more persons

*The fee includes the training materials and tea breaks

- R S V P -

Limited seats, please RSVP before May 13th
Fax :0755 8632 9736 or email back to consigny.frederique@ccifc.org

Name :

Number of guest(s) :

Company :

CCIFC member / non-member, please advise

Module 1 : YES / NO
Module 2 : YES / NO

E-mail :



1) Each registration needs to be confirmed by sending back this reply-coupon to the CCIFC by mail.

2) The training fees have to be paid:- by cash in RMB the same day of the training. The attendee will receive a receipt with the CCIFC official seal; by bank transfer in RMB or Euros, before the beginning of the training. In this case, your company has to provide the CCIFC with the invoice details (Chinese and English name of the invoicing office of your company, Chinese and English address of the invoice office of your company, account number which will be used to pay the fees). The registration will not be confirmed without this document.

3) After receiving the reply-coupon and the invoice details, the CCIFC will send an invoice. Please, remember that the CCIFC cannot provide any fapiao but just a receipt with its official.

4) A written confirmation will be sent to the person in charge of the case and at the same time the participant will receive notice to attend the training course(s) a few days before the beginning of the training session.

5) Cancellation: – Cancellation requests must be confirmed by mail. Cancellation will be accepted if the CCIFC receives notice 5 working days before the first day of the training session. Any cancellation after the deadline or absence from the training course will still be charged. No free access to the next session of the training course.

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