Adventurous Lifestyle, Interesting Life at Gulf Charters Sailing School

Adventurous Lifestyle,Interesting Life at Gulf Charters Sailing SchoolAhoy Shipmates,

Over many years of living the sailing lifestyle, I have had the opportunity to meet many others who were also involved in racing, world cruising or otherwise caught up in a world of boats and the deep blue sea. What usually comes across with these folks is that they are mostly a happy and interesting group of people to be around.

When drop the hook and dingy ashore to share refreshment with a bunch of cruising sailors at a little pub in Micronesia (Korsrae, “the island of the sleeping lady” has one of the best) you can be assured that the topics of conversation will be lively, pertinent and wide ranging.

Those sailors in that off the beaten path pub certainly come from all walks of life and lifestyles – from the well-off cruising couple aboard their new Lagoon 550 to the family of 6 with dog living on their 30 year old 38’ classic yacht to the eccentric single hander crossing the Pacific Ocean on her J-24. The diversity of characters is impressive but they will all have this in common – they will all have made an active choice to step off the normal, commonly accepted path of life in order to live the dream of blue water cruising. They made a choice to trade in a predictable shore side existence for the challenges of an ocean adventure. And if they are sitting in that pub on a small tropical island in the middle of the largest ocean in the world, they have most definitely been facing that challenge, and reaping the rewards, for some time already.

It is generally agreed that it is life’s experiences which shape an individuals personality and character. People who push themselves to experience more of what life and living have to offer tend to be more interesting and colorful.

Involvement with boats, sailing and living the world cruising lifestyle can become a step to improving and adding depth to your life. At the Gulf Charters Sailing School we will introduce you to the realities of yachting, but don’t be surprised if you wind up meeting a whole new, and more interesting, YOU!

As always, the best time to attend Gulf Charters Sailing School IYT certificate courses is NOW! We have Zero to Hero sailing school classes scheduled for July 10-23, August 14-27 and September 11-24 as well as every other month of the year. Whether you are just getting involved in sailing or only want a refresher course to brush up on your nautical skills, we offer training at all levels and hope you will get involved with our ever growing sailing community. There is no better time or place to “Learn to Sail”. Get started today!

Join-in sailors who would like to join Captain Phil , June 12-17, as we explore the hidden island secrets of Ko Samui can find details of this and other adventurous sailing opportunities coming up in the next Sailing Events flyer, coming out later this week. Please inform me if there are others who would like to receive this monthly local sailing information.

Please contact me directly for more info about our upcoming sailing courses and events. Request a copy of our 2010 Sailing School e-brochure which includes current course schedule and pricing. Don’t believe what they say about good things that come to those who wait: would be sailors who wait too long only get left ashore…

See you out on the water.


Ko Chang Flotilla

Adventurous Lifestyle = Interesting Life :

* Zero to Hero: July 10-23 or Aug.14-27
* 5Day IYT Certificate courses- IYT Crew, Watchkeeper & Bareboat Captain held every month at Ocean Marina.
* Request our e-brochure for details, schedule & cost.
* Exciting Ko Samui Join-in Events coming up…

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