The Great Australian Ball (GAB XV) 2010 Announcement

The Great Australian Ball (GAB XV) 2010This year AustCham Shanghai and the dedicated Ball Committee will take you somewhere over the rainbow to a land far, far away where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

On Saturday 11September, fantasies will be brought to life and nothing will be as it seems. Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times as we welcome you to:

“The Wonderful World of Oz”
There’s no place like home…..

Because, because, because, becaaaause … because of the wonderful time you’ll have!

Sponsorship opportunities are now open for the 15th Great Australian Ball. As well as having a reputation in Shanghai that has crazed fans lining up at the door, it is also a fantastic opportunity for corporate hospitality, client entertaining and fabulous corporate brand recognition.

Sponsorship packages for “The Wonderful World of Oz” GAB XV will be welcomed in cash donations and may be considered in other forms of contribution that reduce the costs of the event. All sponsorship offers will be considered in light of the needs of the event and the fundraising outcomes. Priorities will be given to AustCham Shanghai members and fundraising targets.

For further details on GABXV sponsorship please contact Sam Nassar, Membership and Sponsorship Manager.

For information on bidding for the GAB XV production and / or design tenders, please contact Irina Mach, Events and Marketing Manager.

Whether you’re off with the fairies or off to see the wizard, keep your eyes out for costume ideas and ticket sale dates and get ready for a place of pure imagination where good always triumphs over evil…

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