The Boys Are Back In Town

Last night saw the Futian boys arrive in Shekou, to School the Shekou boys in the dark arts of touch rugby.

Acting Captain Dan “The Man” Beach led his Futian ringers Gui, Jonny and Dougie with three gutsy tries. Gui, Jonny and Dougie spent the night camped on the left wing. The good news on the Futian rugby front is that they appear to have mastered catching the ball.

The Shekou old timers showed their skills with Adam “Just got married” Kaufman running in several tries that were so sneaky the Futian boys are still probably wondering how he did it.

The French contingent were noticeably missing, there must have been a special on Pate in one of the foreign supermarkets.

Voting for best on ground for the evening was divided between two ladies, we wont be mentioning their names as it was embarrassing enough that they played better than the lads, a decision was taken to forget that the incident occurred.

Olivier Faustini


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  1. well done boys, with the touch tournament coming up over the next few months looks like we are going to be the favourites.

  2. Marcus, you can get up now, the ladies are long gone. Which of you lads are coming out for training tonight?

  3. Damn, too bad I missed it. Looking forward next week.

  4. The Futian boys tried to convince us that UFC is a noble art and entertaining, especially on the small TV sets of the Snake Pit. After two pints they drove to Coastal City to try the new Buger King in town, and we french people had a fantastic chicken kebab brought over by Mama’s delivery service.

    • Those Mama’s Kebabs are real good, perfect after a game of rugby. I bet you had two or three mate. I reckon the rioting in Paris recently was more to do with lack of food in the city, as you ate it all when you were back during the summer holidays.

  5. Has anyone noticed that Marcus “Obelix” Maher sneaked out after our session, and that he never made it to the Snake Pit? Precocious hangover? Urgent business matter? Or just shame to have been over played by two women on the pitch? Who knows…

    • Yves

      A guy flew in town for a meeting last night at Aulon and flew out this morning, I met him in my rugby kit, rugby boots as well, as no time to change out of it. How was the post match drinking? Did you go for Italian afterwards?


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