The Best Ribs in Shenzhen

Following on from my Post about the coldest drinks in Shenzhen, I would like to put it out there to people.


My Vote has to goto 2 places. The Kitchen in Futian and Cheers in Shekou. By far the best ribs in shenzhen.

Cheers has an added bonus over the Kitchen, they do a rib sandwich, where they cook the ribs, then pull the meat off and put it onto a bun, bloody fantastic.

However the Kitchen ribs have the best rib sauce in Shenzhen. and they are so succulent and tender, they can be eat with a knife and fork. So I am stuck with an equal tie.

Now, on the other hand, I have also heard that Champs bar at Shangri la Luohu also have some good ribs. But I have yet to try them. Has anyone else tried them?

So guys and gals of Shenzhen, Who gets your vote, Who has the best ribs in Shenzhen?

Who has the best RIBS in town?

  • Cheers in Shekou (68%, 38 Votes)
  • XPats in Futian (32%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 56

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8 Comments for “The Best Ribs in Shenzhen”

  1. From my experience: Gypsy’s used to offer the penultimate slabs of ribs with a decent sauce, that pole position was lost to The Kitchen Futian who upped the ante by serving fork tender ribs with an authentic wet sauce good enough to rival a Texas BBQ house. However over the last few trips the Ribs have gone dry and chewier by the bone.
    McCawleys offering on ribs is afwull at best and dont compare to the ones mentioned above.

  2. You know if you want great ribs, American style, source them from cheers or aulon. The gossip is builing however about the new Italian menu at Aulon. By the sound of it, the pasta at Aulon may send shockwaves through the community. What will the matre’d there do next?!

  3. Vlad, I am glad you mentioned Aulon. I hear they have great ribs, but when will they start serving pasta? I hear from their owner, and coffee wars of Shenzhen winner it will be soon. Stay tuned, let’s get an Italian cuisine war started at aulon Asap!

  4. I have to say that Cheers ribs are great. It’s a huge barbarian portion that is a great pleasure to devour without thinking of manners. Aulon ribs are also good if you wish a restaurant environment and use a fork and a knife with a glass of Australian wine. I really enjoy Imprint Cabernet Merlot. Will defenitely try The Kitchen ribs once in their area.

  5. How about Aulons ribs? We serve the jumbo size New York style ribs with a secret home made BBQ sauce recipe, it come`s with potato wedges which many people agree are the best wedges in town.

  6. David Somerville

    Cheers Bar in Shekou without a doubt serves up the biggest rack of ribs in the area and certainly gets my vote for the best ribs.

  7. Shekou Cheers Bar ribs really are delicious. Their beer is pretty cold too!

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