Did Sonnen tap out?

During the  22 minute bout, Chael Sonnen was amazing — he relentless made Anderson Silva look every bit like an amateur.

And then in the 5th round, Silva found a hole in Sonnen’s attack, using his lengthy limbs to lock a triangle choke that Sonnen had zero chance of escaping. Then the unthinkable happened,  second Sonnen tapped out, but did he? from what the judges at my end saw, it was a single, iffy wishy washy tap, not the regulatory triple tap needed. Did the referee intervene, was it a mistake, both Silva and Sonnen seemed unhappy with the intervention.

What is the opinion of the other judges in the community.

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  1. anderson went for the triangle choke, and sonnen tried to lower down his bottom to get out of it, so anderson pulled his arm back. sonnen had no choice but to tap, or to have his arm broken. replay that summision part and ull see

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