Chipchecker Is Your Semi-conductor Sourcing Solution In Shenzhen

ChipChecker Ltd., was established in 2001 as a Global Supply Chain Partner for many of the Asian Geographies most renowned Electronic Manufacturing Companies.With over 75 years of combined EMS procurement and project management services, ChipChecker is a valuable resource to your existing supply chain.

In addition, to our corporate office in Hong Kong, ChipChecker operates within the Futian District of Shenzhen. Since inception, ChipChecker has been an active and vocal player in the fight against fraud. As a member of major component trading groups and forums, ChipChecker is well known as an authoritative source of information on counterfeiting, remarking, IP related component matters, and a full range of inspection services across the EMS spectrum.

For future material requirements, factory and material inspection services allow Chipchecker to furnish a quote.

Who is ChipChecker?

ChipChecker is here to provide the necessary business intelligence related to your supply, supplier and project requirements within mainland China.

Key CHIPCHECKER benefits:

  • The power of local in-country consultants
  • Focused ONLY on the electronic manufacturing services industry
  • Operates under “Business Management Procedures” and a Program Manager, senior materials resource and senior engineering resource will be dedicated to your business and this project

Delivery Expectations:

  • Monthly business reviews
  • Reporting requirements, including on-going cumulative quality, delivery, and flexibility tracking

Where is ChipChecker?

ChipChecker is based in Shenzhen, China. ChipChecker maintains strategic partners throughout the region to ensure that we can provide you with the on-the-ground information that is crucial to an in-depth understanding of local conditions. Our management has over 75 years of in country experience in new office establishment, market research, corporate management, and industry research, covering the China and the Greater China region.

Why do you need ChipChecker?

ChipChecker gives you the information you need to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen so many foreign companies establishing a reliable supply chain in Asia, especially in China.There are many tales of disastrous investments in Asian markets, by multinationals and small businesses alike.

Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Over-estimating the size of the market
  • Failing to tailor products and services to local market needs
  • Misunderstanding the effect market restrictions may have on operations
  • Failing to properly assess the competition

Choosing the wrong business partner

In many cases, these problems could have been avoided if these companies had carried out adequate research and engaged an experienced partner. ChipChecker helps ensure that your company is armed with the information it needs to succeed in new markets.Our experience can also help existing companies in the region re-assess their strategies to optimize their local operations. With ChipChecker’s help, they can tailor their operations, products and services to better match the local needs, and re-adjust sales, marketing, logistics, distribution and investment strategies to improve their competitive position.

What does ChipChecker offer?

ChipChecker offers a range of consultancy services addressing different aspects of your information needs. At every stage in the consultancy engagement, from choosing how to enter the market, through finding and vetting business partners, to reassessing your sourcing strategy, ChipChecker can help.CHIPCHECKER – Is your trusted partner in China!

The CHIPCHECKER difference:

We provide a combined knowledge of over 75 years experience in doing business in China, 15 years in electronic component distribution. We have specialized knowledge and experience in the Electronic Manufacturing and supply chain sector:

We Specialize in ONLY the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry!

We provide a turnkey answer at a fraction of the initial investment for those companies who are feeling the need to open an office in China but are reluctant to do so! ChipChecker is a Hong Kong/ Shenzhen based company that specializes in helping electronic manufacturing companies to:

  • Become More Profitable
  • Factory Audits and Quality Inspections
  • Build a Local Presence In China
  • Improve Sourcing Quality

We also specialize in assisting with the challenging task of setting up (or revamping) and operating successful Chinese business ventures for international clients.Optimize international operations:
A common need that most of our clients have is for a new mainland China operational structure. We help our clients develop and implement the legal framework needed for a more efficient and cost effective China operation.

Who best can benefit:

  • The Regional Independent Distributor and seeking to establish or improve an operation in China
  • An Independent Distributor seeking to improve supply, thus to gain more profit and with the proper protection and quality control
  • An Independent Distributor seeking to sell in the China market, while maximizing profits

ChipChecker, Ltd.
Shenzhen Support Center,
Suite 1709, Jia Hui Xin Cheng,
Phone: 0755-8303-5123
Scope of Service: Inspection, Logistics, Procurement and Project Management Services.

3 Comments for “Chipchecker Is Your Semi-conductor Sourcing Solution In Shenzhen”

  1. Had some very positive experience with Chipchecker. Very professional and has been in business for a long time.

  2. As the GM of Chipchecker Ltd sourcing IC, semiconductors, active, passive electronic components in Shenzhen China, it is good to hear about the positive results for our services…..


  3. I’ve had a profitable business relationship with ChipChecker for over 3 yrs, they’ve been able to show me the common pitfalls that many foreign businessmen make while doing business in the Greater China even if they think they’re seasoned Asian experts. I can easily say that they have saved me hundreds of thousands of RMB just within the 3yr relationship. Give them a call and start seeing your profit margins improve! Thanks again to the whole CHIPCHECKER Team!!!

    Continued Prosperity,
    Simon Goldman

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