Enter The Shekou Dragon

Last nights training session saw Chinese representation on the rugby field make up 50% of players. Players were divided into four teams and a competition created. The final was played between one team led by Really Old Olivier and the other team led by Yves who appeared to have missed a bit when shaving yesterday morning.

Even though both Captains were French, Yves team were a motley bunch of ruffians from countries as varied as France, China, Isreal, Australia and New Zealand. Olivier did his best to rally his compatriates and the foreign mercenaries playing under him, but to no avail. Oliviers’ team blamed defeat on the distracting clump of whiskers on part of Yves chin.  All players present agreed, it provided Yves and his ruffians with an unfair advantage.

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  1. What else does one expect from Dan “The Man” Beach, go up against him and you get hurt.

    Just before the training session, he and I were discussing his broken nose at the Guangzhou tournament. The Gods of rugby were obviously listening and thought that as I was so interested, they would give me an even better one.

    The small bonus was that as my nose was previously broken and already out of alignment, the hit actually straightened my nose.

  2. Someone forgot to mention that Dan “the Man” embushed Marcus “Obelix” so that Marcus got his nose broken by the shoulder of a hidden Chinese who was right behind Dan. But that didn’t stop Marcus to score a few tries of his own. Now Obelix has the nose of a UFC fighter, and that, my friend, will delight Johnny.

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