Dark Chocolate Almond Cake At Aulon

Dark Chocolate Almond Cake At Aulon

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Aulon Wine Bar is serving Dark Chocolate Almond Cake made by Cake Lady Extraordinaire Michelle.  The culinary delight consists of two layers of moist, dark chocolate cake surrounded by fudgy buttercream icing, and topped with toasted sliced almonds - a perfect complement to Aulon’s fantastic coffee!

Cake Lady Extraordinaire Michelle also makes New York Style Cheesecake; delicate White Cake with Raspberry Filling and Toasted Almonds (a birthday and wedding cake favorite!);  Orange Crunch Cake with Whipped Icing; and kids’ birthday cakes featuring their favorite characters. Anyone interested in treating friends, family and loved ones to a short stay in Cake Heaven please call her on 134-1874-7230 or email her at 5behlings@gmail.com

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  1. Banana Bakery is now supplying delicious cakes to Aulon Wine Bar. Try a piece of decadent dark chocolate almond cake, or lighten up with a heavenly slice of Italian cream cake. Both go well with Aulon’s fantastic coffees. The cakes are out of this world!

  2. Just had a piece of Michelle’s chocolate with almonds cake – YUM!

  3. Is there room for 2 cakes one chocolate w/ almonds and one white with the raspberry filing? If not can I place an order for the white cake for this Friday????

  4. We tried cupcakes; they didn’t sell. I’m willing to re-try if people think there is a market now. What do you think to start, chocolate or vanilla?

    • I’d go with chocolate, but honestly I have no idea if they’d sell. I was just in New York a few weeks ago and literally the street vendors are selling cupcakes which I thought was a bit funny. People seemed to be buying them though!

  5. The cakes are delicious but why no love for cupcakes? They are all the rage in NYC now.

  6. This cake is so delicious and is the reason for my nickname on the rugby pitch, which is Marcus “Just one more piece of cake” Maher.

    • One more piece of pâté

      Is it? I thaught that it was more like Marcus “let’s talk about pâté Olivier” Maher?

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