K-Love in the House

Everyone is starting to trickle back to Shekou and this was evident with the numbers present at training on Wednesday night.  As usual the French run the show and boss everyone around, which worked out OK this time as they broke us into four teams for a mini competition. The french contingent were not very focused on play last night, it was hard for them to concentrate on rugby with pate and baguette waiting in the Snake Pit after training. One male French player complained about being groped on the pitch as someone squeezed his derriere as he went for the try line.

There were some extraordinary acts of rugby and some very average play. Kristin or K-Love as she is know on the rugby pitch, was in the thick of play the whole night. She spent the night as Olivier’s shadow, with some commenting she was just checking out his butt. Time and time again, while shadowing Olivier, she searched for the crack, in the opposition defenses.  Several times she got lucky, got her leg over the try line, and scored. One piece of play had Jonny “how big are my guns” Harper, in a screaming sweaty heap at her feet, with Jonny left wondering who was training who?

The old dogs trundled around the pitch, with a couple of tries here and there, all feeling their age. The only bonus for them being the nubile young female rugby players all sweaty and bouncy, tearing about the pitch.

Dan “the man” Beach continued his quest for the captaincy of the might Shenzhen Dragons with a solid display of try scoring off Chinese High School students that have never played rugby before. The ruthlessness with which he scored his tries will be useful when wrestling the captaincy off Shenzhen’s favorite son Darragh “Captain Jack Sparrow” Hudson, the captain of the mightiest rugby team to have graced the pitch in China.

The good news last night was one of the French contingent going home, we all love celebrating the departure of one of the French. So after training everyone retired to the Snake pit, the French proceeded to live up to their reputation of cultural extravagance and covered themselves in pate, the rest is Shekou rugby folklore. No one could remember the name of who was leaving so we just called him Olivier, as most French are called Olivier.

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  1. K-Love was sighted in Aulon moments ago.

  2. Marcus, I got an official complain from Ms K-Love ! I had to accept a 1 bottle of wine compensation from your wineyard ! C’est comme ca mon ami…

  3. Yes, we are French, and French we’ll stay.

    The writer of this piece forgot to say that the “Oh my god this grass is so thick and green” pitch saw the feet of the most famous kiwi family in all Shekou : The Tuias! What a pleasure to see the oldest son whizz through all the Oliviers and, passing his mother, catch a ball his father kindly and lovingly threw into his arms and then score again and again.

    What a night!

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