Shekou Pythons Tame Shenzhen Dragons

On a very warm Sunday afternoon the aging Shekou Pythons tamed the athletic Shenzhen Dragons. In a hard fought encounter, the lead changed time and time again as the game wore on. The Dragons definitely missed their long haired inspirational leader Captain Darragh “Lead by Example” Hudson. His trusty henchmen Greg and Simon could not combine with the Dragons weapons of mass destruction Josh, Jonny and Dan to clinch the game for the Dragons. The Dragons tried man handling the Pythons with Greg and Simon roughing up the aging Pythons at every opportunity.

The Pythons dominated the game from start to finish with their confidence in their ability showing by  playing two ladies and a fourteen year old young man. The Pythons pate munching leader Olivier (yes of course he’s French they’re all called Olivier) stated, “They have good pate at a great price at Park n Shop and we will thrash the Dragons”. Three Pythons were seen partaking in a liquid lunch before the game over at Rose Garden, they justified their actions in the knowledge they were only playing the Dragons and being half cut would just give the Dragons a badly needed chance. The Dragons sought to exploit the perceived Pythons weakness by playing their best players against the Pythons ladies.   The Pythons ran in try after try with Yves, Marcus, Herve and Brian giving the young guns of the Dragons a demonstration of true pace. Before the game started there was much talk about the Dragons and who is, “The Fastest Dragon Alive”, after Sundays raw pace demonstration by the Pythons, the Dragons must be wondering why they can’t out run men older than their fathers.

The Dragons did utilize their cunning on several occasions and crossed the line enough times to walk away with a draw but it was obvious to all that the Pythons are actually fitter than the Dragons.  The Pythons relentless style of play left the Dragons flat footed. Dan “The Man” Beach started off atrociously allowing an aging Python who is actually older than his father, to beat him for pace and score a deserved try. Beach came back strongly with three tries after receiving wicked passes from Josh “Sideways” Phillips. Beach being the glory-munger that he is, reinforced his credentials as a leader in waiting. Jonny “Can’t Dummy to Save Himself” Harper ran in a sorely needed try just avoiding the Kaufman.

Try of the day goes to the Englishman who single handedly keeps McCawleys in profitability, the young gun Jason dissected the Pythons defences and ran in a try that got the Dragons back to a level score.

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  1. Vlad, when people talk and write so much out of the pitch, you may conclude that they didn’t use too much of their energy during the game ; but it was just a warm-up… As Marcus said, 2 ladies and a few old guys on beer diet managed to level a band of young vitamines addicted travellers from Futian. All is said, end of story and we’ll see the progress at the end of the next game, which will be the first leg of the Shenzhen Touch Cup !!

  2. I wish I could see all that live. Was there blood? I am sure a game like this wasn’t very harmless :-)

  3. Big talk Rzr, we’ll see if you’ve still got it.

  4. Il est pâté moins le quart

    Que dire messieurs? La vérité, c’est que malgré les années nous avons essayé de produire du jeu. Et que les adversaires du jour sont restés sur des schémas tactiques qui n’ont pas le même effet lorsqu’il s’agît de jouer à “touché”. Cela n’enlève rien à leur capacités physiques, et à leur enthousiasme juvénile. Et si le match fut un beau match, c’est parce que chaque équipe a donné le meilleur d’elle-même.

    • Can we have a translation for those of us who only have enough French to seduce a French barmaid.

      • Yet Another Olivier

        I thought that most of the rugby players on this part of the planet were fluent in French by now. “Sacrebleu!”, here comes a possible translation :

        From “It’s quarter to pâté”
        What could I say. Truth is, despite our age, we’ve tried to produce good movements and action. The adversaries of day kept on reproducing old tactical schemes that have not the same effect when it comes to “touch”. It does not diminish their physical abilities, neither their juvenile enthusiasm. That game was a good game because each team gave the best of themselves.

  5. When you guys start playing real rugby then you can talk. Touch is nothing but a glorified warmup and a showcase for Marcus’ histrionics. I love how the actual result is expertly hidden among all the fluff and repetition.

  6. I expected some comments from the French contingent by now, I guess it’s “Pate o’clock”, it’s not easy typing when your chewing on pate and baguette.

  7. It was a great game with beers after wards, we all found out that the Pythons are way faster than the Dragons. I guess we all thought that clean living people going to the gym everyday would be faster that pot bellied beer swilling pate chewing middle aged men.

    • That was the try of the day? I reckon it was Josh’s Hail Mary – hope- to -God – someone – is – there – to pick – up – the – ball miraculousness. We’ll see you lads next time at Futian and put an end to this tomfoolery…

      P.S. Yes, Marcus, you’re old, ancient even, but still a decade and some shy of my old man.

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