Traditional Chinese Paintings to be showcased at the Shanghai Expo 2010

Traditional Chinese Paintings to be Showcased at the Shanghai Expo 2010

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As part of the 12th China Shanghai International Art Festival, an art exhibit featuring traditional Chinese paintings will be held between September 28 and October 7 during the Shanghai Expo in Pudong. The exhibit will invite the most representative painters of China to exhibit their works.

Sponsored by the China National Academy of Painting and Shanghai International Art Center, and organized by Beijing Yiyang Exhibition Corporate Image Planning Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yixiang Culture Transmission Co., Ltd., the exhibit will feature nearly 200 works and more than 100 modern painters will attend the event.

Yang Xiaoyang, the organizing committee’s head of the exhibit, explained the value of the exhibit and said that Chinese is a nation that emphasizes meaning. He said further that Chinese culture and arts have all experienced the sublimation process from writing or painting realistically to writing or painting to one’s heart. “The Chinese way of thinking is characterized by meaning and the long and prosperous development of Chinese painting creation has been driven by inner meaning.”, Yang said.

“At present, Chinese paintings are more focused on producing and selling, which will lead to the loss of the spirit of Chinese traditional painting.  The imitation of Western artistic methodology, which is guided by science, contradicts Chinese methodology, which is to express the painters’ thoughts and feelings through art.  Without the right and effective guidance, modern Chinese painting will move far away from its original spirit.  In that case, the unique charm of Chinese paintings shall cease to exist.”, Yang was quoted as saying.

Organized by the China National Academy of Painting, The Spirit of China 2010, no doubt has important meaning to and guiding influence on the healthy development of Chinese paintings.  It aims to show the life condition and spirit of modern Chinese people. It also aims to promote research on the value system of Chinese painting.

During the exhibit, workshops will be held to clarify the spiritual context of Chinese paintings and to promote its development.  Some classic works, pictures and materials will also be exhibited and edited into an album of paintings.

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