Week 34 Quality Report of White Horse Laboratories

Week 34 Quality Report of White Horse Laboratories

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In Week 34, White Horse facilitated USD217,425.55 in successful transactions.

Electrical Testing- 57% Passed

Physical Inspection – 66% Accepted

Week 34 saw a drop in overall product quality heading into the end of the month, with most of the high risk devices identified again being discrete components.

Be on the lookout for the following high risk devices:

Vishay Si3865BDV-T1-E3, 100% failure – high on-state drain-source resistance, Rds(on), and shorts.

Texas Instruments TPS72501DCQR, 56% failure – low output voltage.

Texas Instruments TPS79501DCQR, 50% failure – fluctuating output voltage.

STMicroelectronics STP5NK80Z-10N, 6% failure – Rds(on) within range busmixed gate threshold voltage, Vgs(th), results higher and lower than manufacturer specifications.

Texas Instruments MAX3232IPW, 32% failure – low triangular signals at the driver output.

Vishay U440, 9% failure – low breakdown voltage between gate and source, V(br)gss, low gate source voltage in off state, Vgs(off), that the drain current still high when Vgs was above -6V.

Fairchild FDD8424H, 6% failure – high drain-to-source leakage, Idss, and high Vgs(th).

PMC/Agilient HDMP-1022G, 5% failure – open/short pins and bad protection diodes (overvoltage damage).

PMC/Agilent HDMP-1024G, 6% failure – open/short pins and bad protection diodes (overvoltage damage).

NXP BCW60D, 44% failure – opens, high base current and high collector to base leakage, Icbo.

Toshiba TLP280-4GB, 8% failure, the diode was open resulting in open collector-emitter saturation voltage, Vce(sat).

Infineon IPB100N06S3L-04, 100% failure – high gate threshold voltage, Vgs(th).

Texas Instruments TL062ACD, 5% failure – low output swing and faulty output waves.

PMC-Sierra PM4354-NGI, 32% failure – open/short pins and bad protection diodes (overvoltage damage).

Infineon ITS4880R, 15% failure – outputs remain low when input is high (failured output switching function).

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and above all, its value.

Contact the Quality Consultants of White Horse Laboratories to discuss a Quality Assurance Program that will improve your bottom line. Email to Solutions@whitehorse-intl.com.

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