Guangzhou Scorpions Take Top Spot on The Pearl River Delta Aussie Rules Ladder

Guangzhou Scorpions Take Top Spot on The Pearl River Delta Aussie Rules Ladder

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Well what a game, what a day, what a turn out, what an opposition, what a result, what speeches and what bloody hot humid weather !

The Scorpions met at The Tavern Sports Bar at 12.15am for the 1.5 hr journey to the venue.

A day to drink HEAPS of ice cold beer from our great sponsor TIGER BEER.
While the “Chardy Set” guzzled their way through a fine drop or two !

They packed them into the top of the shade tents at the “Inaugural AFL Match” between Guangzhou Scorpions and the Macau Lightening at the Utahloy ZengCheng Stadium.

The playing surface certainly didn’t have the problems the Big Boys have had at Ethihad Stadium back in Melbourne, no slipping and sliding by the Scorps & Lightening Boys.

The Scorpions and supporters were looking classy in their club travel wear, loved the Crows colours, and even hotter in both senses of the word in their new club the footy jumpers.

With players from Australia, The Netherlands, France & Ireland it was a sight for sore eyes, I noticed a few tears in the crowd. Mind you it could have been sweat !
I know woman don’t sweat they glow but I’m telling you they sweated Saturday.

Every player lost a kilo of fluid before the first bounce.

It was a slow start for the Scorps, they just hadn’t worked it out and with the Lightening having a few games under their belt, they showed The Scorps how to play the game. If it was not for Coach Tom, the last line of defense and Captain Matt the margin would have been a lot bigger.

At quarter time he brains trusts made a few moves and with a highly motivating speech from Tom the Coach, and a give to them from Captain Matt, the Scorps showed they had come to play.

With Hong dominating on the wing, with his flexibility and never say die attitude, Craig Edwards showing his class, Matt Harper running rings around a few opponents and Casper the Irish flash showed them what pace was all about, the Scorpions made the Lightening know they were in for a long day.

In a thrilling, action packed, high scoring last quarter the Guangzhou Scorpions got up by
9 points for their first win in their first ever game !

With Guangzhou TV on hand to record some of the big game, will let you know when it is on GZ TV if some lets me know.

The coach Tom & Captain Matt held the Pearl river Delta Cup up high.
As the players surrounded them the was a rip roaring redition of the Scorpions theme song !

” We are the Scorpions, The Guangzhou Scorpions,
We’re the team that never lets you down ….”

The Scorps                    8  goals      9 behinds       57 points
The Lightening          7  goals     6 behinds        48 points

A special thanks to Macau Lightening, some not as fast as they use to be, for their efforts in turning up and playing with heart & passion, and a depleted playing list.

The families of the players for their support! (The blokes have got to be able to train)

The crowd of supporters from all corners of the globe!

The girls and boys on the scoreboard,video camera bar & bbq, we would have died without them!
Brian Jackson, the Utahloy ZengCheng staff member who made sure everything
was set up just right for the big day, bloody lot of work that !!

and anybody else I have missed !

A special thanks to the Scorpion’s Sponsors

Utahloy International School, both Guangzhou and Zengcheng Campuses
Tiger for the groovy ice cold beer
Johnny & The Tavern Sports Bar

PS Best player for The Scorps was “The Hongster”, geez he is fast . Not sure about the goal kickers, but Vice Captain Daisy got a couple !

Cheers Wallaby Ted

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