The Hidden Gem of Coco Park – La Casa in Futian

'The Hidden Gem of Coco Park'

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On Friday evening while looking for a place to eat around Coco park I was delighted to find La Casa, an Italian themed bar and restaurant.

Tucked away from the busy traffic around coco park La Casa provides fantastic Italian Dishes at great prices.

We were greeted as we arrived by a warm and welcoming smile from the owner ‘David’. Inside it was fairly busy and I could see an assortment of Pizzas and other Italian dishes been consumed by grateful patrons.

We chose a table outside and within seconds David had arrived with a menu. To quench our thirst we ordered some draught beers and a glass of Australian white wine, the drinks arrived within a couple of minutes. So far so good! Now for the main event, the food menu.

We ordered the meatball starter and the gorgonzola cheese dip starter. Again fantastic fast service, in a very short space of time we were arousing our taste buds with the ambrosial taste of gorgonzola cheese. Next I tried the meatballs and the delectable taste of bolognase sauce and the chefs best herbs was enough to get my taste buds racing.

The waiter took away our empty plates, the bolognase sauce so good we had to stop ‘he who shall remain nameless’ from licking the plate clean. Within a couple of minutes our main courses arrived, the Pepperoni and mushroom pizza as reccomended by David and the diablo pizza.

The diablo certainly lived up to its billing as a devil of a pizza, zesty and spicy. If you like spicy food this is a pizza to be savoured.

Next I tried the pepperoni and mushroom, the plentiful amount of peperoni and the divine tomato and cheese base looked mouthwatering. It was delicious.

A great experience and a price that won’t break the bank. Thanks and warm wishes to David and his team for a delightful evening.

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