Ban on electric bicycles to be implemented next year

Ban on electric bicycles to be implemented next yearShenzhen will be banning battery powered bicycles starting next year. this is to prevent the bicycle from becoming the main mode of transportation in the city according to the Municipal Government General Office. The office will poll for public opinion before submitting the proposed ban to the government for approval.

The survey will also be seeking opinion on the areas that will be deem of limits to the electric bicycles. If these bikes are permitted on the road, these will increase the burden on roads plus the safety concerns and the inability of the police to effectively enforce traffic regulations for the bike riders. Since bike riders never received special training or testing its very hard to determine their driving skills. A couple of riders even travel the maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour, which is dangerous.

Electric bikes boomed after motorcycles were ban in Shenzhen in 2003, motorcycles were blamed for creating traffic and facilitating robberies. The office find it hard to estimate the total number of electric bikes in the city since they don’t need licenses and registration. Electric bikes are cheap just costing 1,000 to 3,000 yuan and a popular form of transportation to people avoiding traffic jams and buying expensive gasoline.

The ban on the electric bikes have people worried, since most of them are tired of jam packed public transportation. Those pedaling to long distance jobs have upgraded to battery powered bikes, some even make a living using the electric bicycles.

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  2. I think this will be a very anti green move.

    I think a better option is to implement a “bike test” allowing people to obtain a permit to ride bikes on the road.

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