Delivery Crew Of Join-in Sailors Wanted

Delivery Crew Of Join-in Sailors Wanted

Gulf Charters Sailing School is currently assembling a Delivery Crew of join-in sailors who will be joining Captain Chris J. aboard AMBRE, a 2001 Pajot Fontain Athena 38 catamaran for the 1,600 mile passage from Yacht Haven, Phuket http://www.yacht-haven-phuket.com to the Gulf Charters base in Ko Chang, Thailand

Here is your chance to sail down the Malacca Straight and through some of the busiest shipping waters in the world. Hands on sailing experience at its best. This is a professional yacht delivery and crew members will be expected to crew and participate in this fast paced, almost non-stop voyage by standing watches and sharing galley duty and other crewing responsibilities.

Experienced sailing instructor and delivery skipper, Captain Chris J., will be in command and keeping the delivery running smoothly and on schedule as much as possible, but sailors considering joining this voyage should be aware that the arrival date in Ko Chang is subject to possible change due to any delays, weather or boat issues, that may occur. You should be willing and able to commit to staying with the delivery until the boat reaches Ko Chang.

Delivery Schedule – Yacht Haven, Phuket to Ko Chang, Thailand

·  Oct. 17- Crew arrival and final vessel preparation at Yacht Haven, Phuket

·  Oct. 18, 0800 -  All Crew onboard for port clearance

·  Oct. 18, 1200 – Depart Phuket

·  Oct. 28-Nov.02 – arrivial in Ko Chang, exact date depending on variables

·  Upon arrival in Ko Chang, ALL crew  members must join the captain to check in with Trat, Thailand customs and immigration officials.

The join-in fee of 15,000baht per crew member or 25,000baht for couples covers all onboard meals and other costs for the duration of the voyage as well as all immigration and port clearance expenses. Again, please keep in mind that this is not a pleasure cruise and a speedy and professional delivery is the priority.

It will be possible (and helpful) to join the boat in the Yacht Haven from the 15th and assist the captain in voyage preparation.

For more information please contact:


MOBILE- +66 (0)84 539 9689

OFFICE- +66 (0)38 237 752

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