The Snake Pit Sports Schedule for Oct. 7-11

The Snake Pit Sports Schedule for Oct. 7-11

Come to Snake Pit and enjoy watching live sports on their large screen projector and flat screen TVs great for viewing throughout the bar. Snake Pit presents their sport schedule for October 7 to 11.

Australian Football League:

Australian Football League Highlights – Episode 28, Friday 8 Oct at 13:00

USA College Football Big 10 Games:

Ohio State @ Illinois Thursday, Oct 7 at 20:30

Purdue @ Northwestern First Air Sunday, Oct 10 at 13:00

SEC Football:

Florida vs Alabama Thursday, Oct 7 at 18:00

LSU @ Florida Sunday, October 10 at 15:30

Oregon State @ Arizona Sunday, October 10 at 18:00

USA National Football League

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Stealer Friday, Oct 8 at 18:00

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles Friday, Oct 8 at 20:30

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday, Oct 9 at 20:30

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins First Air Monday, Oct 11 at 17:30

New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals  First Air Monday, Oct 11 at 20:00

Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers Monday, Oct 11 at 22:30

NHL 2010-2011 Regular Season

San Jose Sharks @ Columbus Blue Jackets – From Stockholm Saturday, October 9, at 13:30

Anaheim Ducks @ Detroit Red Wings Saturday, October 9, at 18:00

Minnesota Wild @ Carolina Hurricanes – From Helsinki Saturday, Oct 9 at 20:00

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