Rugby Legends Dinner in Hong Kong

Rugby Legends Dinner in Hong Kong

The Australian and New Zealand Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong are organizing a Rugby Legends Dinner on Thursday, October 28, 2010 in Hong Kong to coincide with the Bledisloe game taking place on Saturday, October 30.

Meet Rugby Legends, Phil Kearns and Sean Fitzpatrick in Hong Kong in the lead up to the Bledisloe Cup.

Unscripted and off the cuff, don’t miss the banter between two of rugby’s greatest rivals, plus, enjoy the best of New Zealand and Australian food and wine in Hong Kong’s newest luxury hotel, Harbour Grand.

Contact AustCham to reserve your place today! Tel.- (852) 2522 5054 or email bookings@austcham.com.hk

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  1. In closer circles than I move in now they called Kearnsey “Lightning” because his lineout throws never struck the same place twice….funny I know…but true…..Fitzpatrick was the King of Technical Fouls and a very ugly man stopping many tries close to the line with deliberate foul play during the grand ‘ol days when you didn’t have to release when you went to ground.

    Last post …got any tickets to the game anyone?

  2. Anyone from SZ going to this dinner?

    Im not in China right now but will hopefully be back before all this kicks off and am interested to know if anyone can get me any tickets ( at least 2 but preferably more) to the game??????


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