Caterpillars in flame trees a natural phenomenon

Caterpillars in flame trees a natural phenomenonA plague of caterpillars have been seen in flame trees in Lian Hua Hill Park, causing some concerns from the residents that these caterpillars can ruin the park appearance by destroying the trees.

Residents and children found the caterpillars feasting on the leaves of the flame trees while some found caterpillars on the ground. They are afraid that these caterpillars might damage the trees some even can hear the caterpillars munching away in the leaves and wood. One resident described the caterpillar might measure 3 centimeters long, with a red head, white body with black stripes running down each sides.

The director of the park horticulture department said that there is no cause for alarm since, the park always have a large number of caterpillars during this type of season every year and is considered a natural phenomenon. The caterpillar is a larvae of one type of moth that lives off the flame trees, and the department have already taken some precautions to control the pest infestation.

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