Fast Expansion for Shenzhen Soccer Schools

Fast Expansion for Shenzhen Soccer Schools

Shenzhen Soccer Schools (SSS) announced today that they now have 200 children taking part in their soccer coaching programs. SSS have programs running in 4 public locations and 6 schools in the Futian and Shekou districts.

SSS offers a wide range of programs covering different ages and ability levels using International English-speaking coaches.

SSS Manager– Cathy Huang said:

“We’re very encouraged by the rapid progress that we’re making. Our programs appear to have filled a major gap in the market for high quality international-level soccer coaching in the Shenzhen area and we’re looking forward to launching more programs in the near future so that we can bring the benefits of this coaching to even more children.

In our experience it’s not just naturally sporty children that benefit from this intensive coaching, less physically gifted children also benefit from better fitness and physical coordination and improved self confidence. As I’ve always said: – a healthy mind in a healthy body!”

“My son is really enjoying his soccer lessons, making new friends and improving his English by talking with his coach” said happy parent – Albert Wong of Shekou.

The children were very happy to talk to me about their soccer heroes and ambitions – I can’t say that I was able to spot any future Ronaldos or Rooneys out on the pitch – but I did see a lot of happy children running around burning off excess energy in a healthy and fulfilling way.

One of the Coaches – Mirko Lachini, himself a former Coach in various Italian youth leagues – was clearly enjoying his job and seemed to have a natural ability to communicate with the children despite the language barrier – his obvious enthusiasm seemed to be contagious and everyone was smiling.

“Soccer is the number 1 game in the World, it’s so popular because kids can play it anywhere where they’ve got a bit of ground and some make-shift goalposts whether it’s on the pitches of Shenzhen or the streets of Milan!” said Lachini.

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  1. Great news. I have been looking for an English Football Acadamy for my sun (9), and since a couple weeks he joined this SSS in Futian. Twice a week practice by a European coach. I can recommend this school to every parent looking for English speaking football classes for his sun/daughter. The organizer is Cathy, and her phone number is 13823112524.

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