Tried Hashing Yet? The Hash is Changing..

Tried Hashing Yet? The Hash is Changing...

Heard the Hash is too wild and crazy and we sit on ice and do and drink too much?

Well- that’s how it was at times on the SH3 over the years, but we have been around since 1984 and we are always changing with the times. We now leave earlier to get back around 6-6:30pm so you can go out or join your family for dinner after the run. We do drink a bit but you CAN Hash and stay sober, and we no longer sit on ice other than special occasions.  We’re still a little crazy, but Hashing is about a little run and a lot of fun, and we always have fun.

Run with the Shekou Hash and experience a part of Shenzhen history…just show up at the Pit, hop on our little bus, get out of the city, make a few friends and have some fun! It’s probably the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Shenzhen.

Runners and walkers of all ages, locals and foreigners all welcome.  Visit our Website for all the details, some Shekou and Hash history and photos: www.shekouhash.com

Cost for gentlemen 60rmb and only 40rmb for the ladies. Includes transportation and all the beverages you can enjoy.

We meet every Saturday, rain or shine, 1pm @ the Pit

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  1. It’s nice to see the Hash moderating and looking to include more people. I used to do the midnight Hash and always had a great time. Looks like I’ve got a reason to get back in shape!

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