The Snake Pit Sports Schedule for Oct. 22-25

The Snake Pit Sports Schedule for Oct. 22-25

Come and enjoy watching the NFL games while drinking and having fun with friends, the pit have four flat screen TV’s and a big screen projector perfect for viewing!!

USA National Football League

Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys: Friday, Oct 22 at 18:00

New York Giants @ Houston Texans: Friday, Oct 22 at 20:30

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Monday, Oct 25 at 18:00

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos: Monday, Oct 25 at 20:30

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Tuesday, Oct 26 at 18:00

USA College Football Big 10 Games:

Purdue @ Northwestern: Saturday, Oct. 23 at 13:00

Pac 10 Football:

Pac-10 #6: Cal at USC: Sunday, Oct. 24 at 15:30 and Wed at 18:00


Arkansas @ Auburn: Sunday, Oct. 24 at 13:00 and Wed at 20:30

North America National Hockey League

Anaheim Ducks @ Toronto Blue Jackets Thursday, Oct 21, at 18:00

Carolina Hurricans @ Los Angeles Kings: Thursday, Oct 21 at 20:00

Toronto Maple Leafs @ New York Rangers: Saturday, Oct 23 at 18:00

Vancouver Canucks @ Los Angeles Kings: Saturday, Oct 23 at 20:00

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Pittsburgh Penguins: Saturday, Oct 23 at 22:00

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