Week 39 Quality Report of White Horse Laboratories

Week 39 Quality Report of White Horse LaboratoriesOur apologies for being late in getting this report distributed. You will be receiving Weeks 39, 40, and 41 in rapid succession.

In Week 39, White Horse facilitated USD327,726.00 in successful transactions!

Electrical Testing – 69% Pass

Physical Inspection – 58% Accept

Be on the lookout for the following high risk devices*:

Vishay Si7469DP, 56% failure – opens and various parametric failures.

PMC Sierra/Agilient HDMP-1022G, 6.8% failure – open and shorted pins, bad protection diodes.

NXP 74HC14PW, 5.5% failure – output oscillation.

AVX TPME477K006R0018, 91% failure – high equivalent series resistance (ESR), dissipation factor (Df), and capacitance (C).

AVX TAJR475K010RNJ, 28% failure - low capacitance (C).

STMicroelectronics VND14NV04, 6.4% failure - low Rds(on), high Idss, and high Vinth.

Altera EPM7064SLC44-5N, 54% failure – program ID error.

ON Semiconductor TCA0372DP2G, 100% failure – output high is below 14V and 100mA load current.

IXYS DSEI60-06A, 13.5% failure – high forward voltage, Vf.

* Note: high risk is defined as devices with over a 5% failure rate in electrical testing.

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and above all, its value.

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