This Bag Can Save Lives!

This Bag Can Save Lives!Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen recently positive take part in selling the manufacturing “eco-friendly” bag which can save lives, to support the Empowerment builds the future activity started by Accor Greater China. This activity can provide adolescents and their families impacted by AIDS hope and cause the public to pay attention to the community and rectify the misunderstanding and discrimination.

“The round dot represents each individual. The pink colour represents hope and future. With this design I would call for the unity of multi sectors, so that to maximize the power to provide support to AIDS-impacted people.” says Tony Li, China’s top fashion stylist, the designer of this eco-friendly bag. And the bag packages designed with pink background with the white words “This Bag Can Save Lives” make an even powerful statement of Charity. All of the beautiful bags were handcrafted by women impacted by HIV in rural China. By buying this bag you have helped to give these families an income, supported the education of their children and empowered communities stricken by HIV/AIDS and poverty. Guest can find this bag at hotel’s reception, Oriental Ginza Club reception, Executive Lounge and guest rooms and take it home for just RMB 20. All the benefits will fund scholarships for adolescents of Henan Province.

As one of the brand of Accor, Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen is always famous with its unique style and character. It always focuses on public benefit activities. Empowerment builds the future activity is a three-year project of corporate social responsibility worked by Accor Greater China and Accor Foundation. Created in 2008 to link cultures and provide support for the development of individuals and their integration into the community, the Accor Foundation is support 24 projects in 14 countries. In Greater China the Accor Foundation works together with Chi Heng Foundation to varieties of charity. This activity focuses on improving the quality of life of women in Henan province who are impacted by AIDS, as well as the life of their children. With financial assistance of Accor Foundation, a social enterprise was created, manufacturing “eco-friendly” bags with the intention of providing skills and making women suffering from the impact of AIDS self-reliant. It involves multi sectors more than just donating money. All these manufacturing “eco-friendly” bags will be sold at all Accor hotels located in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Proceeds from the sale of the bags will then be used to provide educational opportunities and scholarships, and will be administered by the Chi Heng Foundation in accordance with their Charter.

www.grandmercurehotels.com.cn or www.accorhotels.com.cn

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