White Horse Laboratories: Week 42 Quality Report

White Horse Laboratories: Week 42 Quality ReportIn Week 42, White Horse facilitated USD 390,577 in successful transactions!

Electrical Testing – 81% Passed

Physical Inspection – 52% Accepted

Week 42 saw high order volume with an increase in overall lot pass rates for electrical testing with a continuation, though of substandard physical condition. Devices that are not accepted following physical inspection do not advance into electrical testing.

Be on the lookout for the following high risk devices*:

Intel P28F001BX-B120, 100% failure – ID error (devices are P28F001BX-T with TOP BOOT).

Infineon BSP75N, 79% failure – high Vin(th), over 2.5V specification limit.

Analog Devices ADM6320CZ29ARJZ, 45% failure - thresholds are for the 5V version and reset pins are high.

International Rectifier IRFR3710ZPBF, 100% failure - Vgs(th) measures lower than the 2V specification limit.

Texas Instruments NE5532ADR, 36% failure - no output at one channel or both of two two channels.

Motorola MC68705U3CS, 10% failure – blank-check error and broken pins.

STMicroelectronics X0205NA1BA2, 88% failure – Idrm, Irrm, IL, IH, and Vtm failures.

Texas Instruments TPS3808G33DBVR, 73% failure – threshold levels are for the 5V and 3V versions.

Kemet T495X476K010AT, 4% failure – high ESR.

Texas Instruments TLE2062ACD, 98.5% failure – low outputs, low output swing, and distorted ouputs.

Analog Devices AD9844AJSTZ, 35% failure – shorts.

* Note: high risk is defined as devices with over a 5% failure rate in electrical testing.

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and above all, its value.

Contact our Quality Consultants to discuss a Quality Assurance Program that will improve your bottom line.

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