Shekou Rugby Grows from Strength to Strength while Futian Rugby Dies a Sad Death

Shekou Rugby Grows from Strength to Strength while Futian Rugby Dies a Sad DeathShekou rugby training was its usual intense hour and a half of touch rugby played at an intense pace without a break. The mix of really old and quite young, experienced and inexperienced, men and women makes play exciting and ensures all players have to be focused.

The pool of a hundred or so players ensures that there are always about 40 players divided into four teams of ten with each team playing the other teams once. The camaraderie continues on after training with drinks at the Snake Pit and dinner at whichever restaurant is nominated by the French contingent. All Shekou rugby players are shining examples of goodness, dividing their free time between community service and works of charity.

Rugby is also played in Futian with training occurring once a month whether they need the practice or not. While it’s true that they are not drunk at training it is also true that they are rarely sober. Futian uses an interesting coaching method whereby ramdom players are allowed to nominate themselves captain or coach, at anytime there may be up to a half dozen captains and coaches on the pitch. Periodically, the actual captain and coach remind the self appointed captains and coaches that they are not gifted orators and their time would be better spent practicing rugby. Anyone interested in seeing this rare specie, the self appointed captain or coach can find them sulking by the sideline of the pitch feeding on assorted bugs and grubs, in Futian once a month.

Next weekend, in a rare show of unity, Shekou and Futian will combine for a tournament in Guangzhou where it will play two matches. It is expected that the fit and raring to go Shekou players will carry their indolent counterparts from Futian, ensuring Dragon victory and more trophies for the mighty Shenzhen Dragons ever expanding trophy cabinet.

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  1. Is that community service after a brush in with the law?

  2. Just a note on the bit about the captain and coach, whom we have the best of. If that little rant was directed at the fact that our team has the depth of character to move itself forward and encourages participation from the ground up, then you may want to change your tone. We have coaches and a captain and they are irreplaceable

  3. Distasteful!!!!
    Why don’t we play a game of contact between Shekou and Futian???
    I’m sure some of the Futian guys would be very interested in some proper rugby after reading this load of tribe!!!!

  4. I think for the good of rugby in South Asia articles like this should be deleted promptly. In England we struggle to find the best quality international players and we have to spread our net to places like Shenzhen and articles like this can only discourage people from taking part in our beautiful game.

    Best wishes

    Martin Johnson

  5. I see a hammering a’coming next Thursday.

    • Good to see you are all feisty and raring to go. Looks like you’ll be bringing your A game this time. I’ll make sure to donate a bottle of red wine made by Australian Winemaker of the year 2010, a baguette or two and some pate, as per Woodys request for the winning team, (from my own pocket). Once the frenchies find out there is pate and baguette for the winning team, it will unleash their “Inner Chabal”.

  6. Clearly Marcus does not speak on behalf of the majority of the experienced rugby players in Shekou, but merely for himself; a relative newcomer to the game. Never mind.

  7. Remember this old timer… when we play each other again! You might have bitten off a little more than you can chew this time,and this whilst snakes don’t chew but swallow. I will be very sure to write a story (not very much unlike yours) about how a struggling writer/retired ballet dancer now turned family man was manhandled by a few young very aggressive futian athletes.

    I will do my very best to check if a tackle can actually break some snake backbone? Maybe we should have some sponsors (a wine bar for example) offer prizes/wine for every bone crunching tackle made in the next game between the dangerous dragons and swallowing snakes?!

    • If the price I must pay is receiving some big hits and bone crunching tackles, in the process of offloading to a fellow Python, so we can score another try, then it’s a sacrifice worth making.

  8. While incapable of keeping up with his Futian counterparts, Mr. Maher need resort to petty libel in his attempt at asserting his team’s non-existent dominance. Keeping in mind that any team travelling to Guangzhou will be battling under the banner of the mighty Dragons, one might think a bit more respect might be afforded our beloved mascot. Nay, not from Marcus, not this man that was once a Dragon, now a Python, whose colours change as those of the chameleon, far beneath the status of the legendary mascots that grace his armor, at least he’s a reptile though

    You do know we actually tackle out here right? We all know the rugby out in Shekou is ferocious, so you should know what that bit of the game entails.

    • Funny you should bring up the subject of tackling my Canadian friend, last time we played you used some dodgy Ice hockey move to upend me. The first Trial Game you didn’t get a chance to use those shameful Ice Hockey moves, if my memory serves me correctly, I ran around you for a try. Used a bit of Python pace.

  9. now id like to see this!!!!!!

    i hear 12 futian guys are in already…………shekou????

  10. So are you Shekou lads up for the Boxing Day/New Year’s Day game then?

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