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Hotel to be constructed in Marine World in Shekou | Shenzhen Standard

Hotel to be constructed in Marine World in Shekou

Hotel to be constructed in Marine World The construction of Marine World Hotel a new five star hotel was started in Shekou, this marks the beginning of the scheduled face lift of the Marine World area. The new hotel will be located next to Nanhai Hotel in Shekou, Nanshan District.

The hotel construction will cost around 800 million yuan and will cover an area of 56,000 square meters. The hotel is manage Hilton Hotels, and will have 320 rooms and is the international chain’s first seaside hotel in Shenzhen when it will be completed in 2013 according to its developer China Merchants Property Development. The building of the Marine World Hotel is the first phase of the Marine World upgrading project. The China Merchants Group which is a state owned corporation in Hong Kong and one of the major developer of the Shekou area, plans to invest 60 billion yuan in the next five to eight years to upgrade all the facilities in the Shekou area.

Three key areas will be the focus points of the upgrade namely the Marine World urban compound, Taizi Bay terminals for passenger cruisers and Shekou Network Valley, and the Shekou Network Valley. Aside for the hotel construction renovations are being done on the commercial areas located around the Minghua ship, 12,000 square meters will be assigned for international food streets and exotic foods and specialties.

The Minghua cruiser at Sea World Square is a popular tourist attraction and its located in Shekou. The cruiser was made popular in 1980’s when late leader Deng Xiaoping visited the ship. In the past decade the area has flourished into a commercial area that features bars, restaurants serving exotic flavors, catering to the expats living in the community. When renovations will be completed the Minghua ship will be surrounded with water and visitors and residents can enjoy interactive water activities again.

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  1. China Merchants is “no joke” and are putting an unreal level of investment into Shekou. It’s surreal.

  2. Wow… I wondered what all the construction was going to become. It’s incredible watching this city evolve.

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